Kelli Haines

Kelli Haines Tummy Temple Olympia Lacey Colon Hydrotherapy


I offer colon hydrotherapy and electro lymphatic therapy.

My work best serves those who are looking to improve their health and wellness with bodywork and lifestyle practices offered at the Tummy Temple Olympia/Lacey branch.

I possess a degree of compassion and reassurance, along with a dash of humor to make clients feel seen and heard, and strive to make every visit a positive experience.

I pursued the field of colon hydrotherapy after I experienced its life-changing benefits in conjunction with other diet and lifestyle changes. I trained at Prime Pacific Health Institute in Canada. A series of synchronistic events landed me quite unexpectedly in the Tummy Temple in Lacey, and I am thrilled and honored to be joining the staff and joining forces with this amazing team of humans making such a difference in so many lives!

In addition to being an avid learner and student of life, I enjoy cooking, gardening, hiking, and hanging out with my tribe.

Colon Hydrotherapist Certification #TH61374163