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Janell Hartman Tummy Temple Colon Hydrotherapy Seattle


My work serves clients interested in stress management and addressing source issues to resolve chronic and acute digestive imbalances. I have a special fondness for welcoming new clients to the Tummy Temple and getting them established with a plan. I have the gift of holding space for the process of personal atunement to signals and requests expressed by the body, and help generate enthusiasm in those just beginning, returning to, or well-traveled in their healing journey. Struggles with digestive issues and depression early in life spurred me towards my path of healing. Yoga was a monumental aspect of my mission for balance as it recognizes the body, mind and spirit as an inseparable system which must tended to as a whole. This was a life-saver during my decade of social work with homeless women where I came to embrace the value of self-care in serving others. These days my love of art, music, meditation and world travel keep me busy creating and exploring inside and out!

Natural Health Outreach Center Colon Hydrotherapy training-2013
Yoga Behind Bars volunteer teacher training -2013
Postpartum Doula certification through Seattle Midwifery School-2003
Advanced Yoga teacher training-2006
8 Limbs Yoga teacher training-2005
Ongoing continuing education in therapeutic yoga modalities

Interests and Areas of Study
Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist abdominal organ massage)
Chinese 5 Element Theory

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