About Tummy Temple

The Tummy Temple began with a focus of colon hydrotherapy and is the largest provider of colon hydrotherapy in the United States, with two dedicated colonic rooms open seven days a week. We have grown over the years to include many other therapies, modalities, and community experiences to support your health and wellness.

We also offer an array of Temple-tested and Temple-formulated wellness supplements, nutrious treats, and bodycare products in our Seattle clinic and our online store.

Knowing that a calm, well functioning “tummy” is the center of good health, we help you relax your nervous system and detoxify and improve your digestive and reproductive systems, so your body can repair itself and stay healthy!

Our Integrated Care Team collaborates closely to provide you unparalleled service and care. We also work collaboratively with other health care professionals to ensure our clients have the robust support team they need.

Our mission is to educate and empower clients and the community at large. We are truly honored that so many people partner with us to support their health!

Watch video introductions from a few of our Templers!

Meet Our Team

Templer of the Month: Catherine Oliver  November 2017 

Catherine brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership to our Massage Therapy Team and has just been promoted to Director of the Massage Department. Catherine also supervises the Craniosacral Certification program at Bastyr and co-teaches the courses with longtime colleague, Dr. Einat Arian ND, PhD. Catherine is a master blender of techniques to address the nervous system, the musculoskeletal system and the organs creating an integrative style that leaves you feeling whole and relieved. Catherine has a passion for women’s health and working with the nervous system through Craniosacral techniques. Catherine’s background in treatment work gives her a handy and diverse toolkit for dealing with stubborn neck pain, carpal tunnel or those times when your back goes out. Book with Catherine for massage, Craniosacral, or Electro-lymphatic and let her geek out on how to bring your body into balance.

Read Catherine’s biography here


Kristi and Tim Zimmer, Owners

The Tummy Temple is a result of the combined professional efforts of Tim and Kristi, a fantastic team of passionate folks and the desires of a health conscious community. Read more…


Kristi Zimmer, LMP, Co-Owner

I offer Colon Hydrotherapy, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Massage, and Electro-Lymphatic Therapy. My work serves clients that are seeking detoxification and decongestion support, greater function of the digestive and reproductive systems, and nervous system balancing.


Tim Zimmer, Business Development, Co-Owner

I offer my business skills, passion, energy and time to supporting the Tummy Temple community (customers and staff) with the most enjoyable and rewarding experience possible. My focus is on all things business (systems/IT, finance, operations, facility, manufacturing, distribution & sales).


Janna Trautwein, Operations Manager

My work serves all clients at the Tummy Temple as well as practitioners, admin, and my fellow management team, I help all of us work together! I have a gift for communicating with clients, coworkers, and other professionals and shine with my organizational skills. I am passionate about the interactions I have at the Temple every day.


Heidi Ochsner, MS, RD

I offer Colon Hydrotherapy, Electro Lymphatic Therapy and Nutritional Counseling. I have served clients that want to address chronic or complex health challenges through lifestyle optimization since 2005. I specialize in dietary consultation, nutritional supplementation, detoxification and gut rebuilding.


Christina Sarver, LMP

I offer Electro-Lymphatic, Massage and Craniosacral Therapies. My work best serves clients that are looking to address general detoxification, reduction in symptoms from inflammatory conditions, and chronic illness/auto-immune disorders. I use Craniosacral Therapy and Massage to support Electro-Lymphatic Therapy, which is my passion and specialty.


Jamie Doughty, ND

I offer Naturopathic medical evaluations, diagnostic primary and adjunct patient care. I utilize thyroid, adrenal and reproductive hormone analysis, digestive stool health evaluation and functional nutritional testing. I am up to date on the latest scientific research and incorporate this evidence into my treatments.


Venessa Wahler, ND

I offer comprehensive naturopathic medical services and laboratory testing, dietary support and nutritional supplementation, digestive health and detoxification, natural approaches to weight loss, the hCG diet, stress management and hypnotherapy.


Janell Hartman, Director of Education and Classes

I offer Colon Hydrotherapy, Electro-Lymphatic and Restorative Yoga Therapy. My work serves clients interested in stress management and addressing source issues to resolve chronic and acute digestive imbalances. I have a special fondness for welcoming new clients to the Tummy Temple and getting them established with a plan.


Tobyanna Everhart, LMP

I offer Colon Hydrotherapy. My work serves clients who need a soft place to land while they restore and maintain balance through internal cleansing. I bring my gifts of listening, gentleness and creating space thus helping to ease nerves and cultivate a sense of safety.


Nedra Goedert, Colon Hydrotherapy

As a colon hydrotherapist and an energy healer, I can see a person from the inside to the outside. This view of people is a reflection of my own journey to health which has led me steadily in the direction of The Tummy Temple.


Sue Wozniak, LMP

I offer Craniosacral Therapy. My work serves clients who like to get a deeper sense of their health as we address a wide range of health conditions. I offer a deep and thorough gentle presence without fear of what we may encounter in the process of addressing health needs.


Catherine Oliver, LMP Director of the Massage Department

I offer Craniosacral Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Electro-Lymphatic Therapy. My work serves clients who are wanting to support their body’s natural processes and heal the rift between their physical and emotional being.


Kristen Minke, LMP

Kristen graduated from Basytr in 2003 with a double Bachelors Degree in Nutrition and Exercise Science. She also received her massage training there as part of a collaborative endeavor with Brenneke School of Massage. Kristen has 14 years experience in orthopedic massage, adding intraoral endorsement to her license in 2007 with an advanced intraoral class taken in 2016.


Lauren Mulvey, LMP

I offer Massage Therapy (Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Facilitation, Swedish, and Energy Healing). My work best serves individuals searching for stress relief, balance, and pain reduction; for those seeking a holistic muse to inspire them along their wellness journey.


Dana Mas, Colon Hydrotherapy

Dana brings a wealth of experience in the healing arts. She welcomes each client with a gentle, supportive and healing hands approach. Dana has a passion for energy medicine, organic foods, detoxification therapies and a peaceful lifestyle.


Morgan Houghton, Care Coordinator Lead

I offer a kind, compassionate and thoughtful experience to clients. I work to provide a calm and serene environment ripe for healing and relaxation. In our small but strong team it is such a pleasure to work and coordinate closely with everyone.


Bethany Janidlo, Assistant Manager, Care Coordinator, Virtual Experience Manager

I offer delightfully efficient and personalized support to the clients, practitioners, and administrative team here at the Temple. My work serves all members of the Tummy Temple team, facilitating behind-the-scenes magic in support of the healing artists shining their light and uplifting the community.