About Tummy Temple

The Tummy Temple began with a question from the founders ...."What can we do that the community needs?" We have grown over the years from a tiny one room practice in an integrative Naturopathic clinic to two locations with a total of 6 service rooms and 20 employees providing a collection of synergistic therapies, modalities, and community experiences to support your health and wellness. We also offer an array of Temple-tested and Temple-formulated wellness supplements, nutritious treats, and body-care products in our Seattle & Greater Olympia clinics and our online store. Knowing that a calm, well functioning "tummy" is the center of good health, we help you relax your nervous system and detoxify and improve your digestive and reproductive systems, so your body can repair itself and stay healthy! Our Integrated Care Team collaborates closely to provide you unparalleled service and care. We also work collaboratively with other health care professionals to ensure our clients have the robust support team they need. Our mission is to educate and empower clients and the community at large. We are truly honored that so many people partner with us to support their health! Watch video introductions from a few of our Templers!

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Services We Offer:

CBD Rich Castor Oil Massage | Chi Nei Tsang Massage | Colonic Cleanse | Craniosacral Therapy | Homeopathy | IV Injections Therapy | Lymphatic Massage | Naturopathic Diagnostic Testing | Weight Management | Naturopathic Doctor | Nutrition Consultation

Meet Our Team

- Executive Management -


Kristi Zimmer LMT

Kristi Zimmer, LMT

My work serves clients that are seeking detoxification and decongestion support, greater function of the digestive and reproductive systems, and nervous system balancing.


Tim Zimmer

Tim Zimmer

I offer my business skills, passion, energy and time to supporting the Tummy Temple community (customers and staff) with the most enjoyable and rewarding experience possible. My focus is on all things business (systems/IT, finance, operations, facility, manufacturing, product development, distribution & sales).




Jamie Doughty ND

Jamie Doughty, ND,  Medical Director (Olympia Location)

My work serves anyone who is seeking to optimize health and wellness. I support clients who are navigating any of a wide range of health conditions such as heart disease, endocrine disorders, hormone balancing, gastrointestinal dysfunction and detoxification.


Jennea Wood ND

Jennea Wood, ND (Olympia Location)

My work best serves people struggling with chronic illness who are seeking guidance and support in searching for root causes, discovering what is not serving them and moving toward making changes.


Jeanette Daneals ND

Jeannette Daneals "Dr. D", ND

My life’s inspiration to be of service to others was born at an early age. As a child I had recurring dreams of being able to fly, while saving people or protecting them from harm. Though I have since stopped flying (sadly), I’ve never lost that young girl’s aspirations to facilitate and inspire others on journeys to wellness and safety.


Dr Allison Egan ND Tummy Temple Seattle Naturopath

Allison Egan, ND

My work best serves those who are looking to optimize body function and take charge of their health. I have had success in helping those with chronic injuries and chronic pain overcome the hurdles to heal.


Dr Ara Walline, ND Tummy Temple Seattle Naturopath

Ara Walline, ND

I enjoy working with people of all ages from children to adults and in all stages of health and vitality. I have a particular interest in supporting individuals who are experiencing the stresses of life transitions, whether that is in childhood, adolescence, becoming a parent, midlife or beyond. At all times, it is my goal to help individuals understand their bodies and use this knowledge to optimize their health so that they can spend quality time doing what they love with the people who love them.




Heidi Oscher MS, RD

Heidi Ochsner, MS, RD, Products Director

My work serves clients who want to address chronic or complex health challenges through lifestyle optimization. I specialize in dietary consultation, nutritional supplementation, detoxification and gut rebuilding.


Janell Hartman

Janell Hartman, Director of Education and Classes

My work serves clients interested in stress management and addressing source issues to resolve chronic and acute digestive imbalances. I have a special fondness for welcoming new clients to the Tummy Temple and getting them established with a plan.


Nedra Goedert

Nedra Goedert

As a highly intuitive and experienced energy worker, my work helps people truly tune into themselves from the inside out on many levels for profound breakthroughs.  This skill is a reflection of my own journey to health which has led me steadily in the direction of The Tummy Temple.


Catherine Oliver LMT

Catherine Oliver, LMT, Director of Massage Department

My work serves clients who are wanting to support their body’s natural processes and heal the rift between their physical and emotional being.


Lauren Mulvey LMT

Lauren Mulvey, LMT

My work best serves individuals searching for stress relief, balance, and pain reduction; for those seeking a holistic muse to inspire them along their wellness journey.


Mindy Meyer, LMT

Tobyanna Everhart, LMT

My work serves clients who need a soft place to land while they restore and maintain balance through internal cleansing. I bring my gifts of listening, gentleness and creating space thus helping to ease nerves and cultivate a sense of safety.


Melissa Thande, RN

Corena Casemy, LMT

My work serves clients who want to decrease inflammation in their body, decrease restrictions caused by scar tissue, and improve their overall health by unraveling and re-programming patterns of chronic tension held in their body.

My gift is a deep listening and attention to the small details that can lead us to the root cause of someone’s pain and discomfort.  I have a passion for giving my clients tools that can help them gain greater awareness of their patterns and ways that they can find greater well-being in how they experience their body.


Melissa Thande, RN

Nicole Donahoo, LMT

I offer my intuitive touch and blend of body working techniques to find what needs to be worked through. Practicing Reiki energy work incorporated within the session to offer a shift in body frequencies.

I am a massage therapist working with other healers, doctors and naturopaths to assist clients at the Tummy Temple. I offer a realistic and compassionate perspective to self-care; my warmth and candor when approaching an issue helps to ensure our clients are heard and know their issue is directly being addressed.


Kelli Haines

Kelli Haines (Olympia Location)

I offer colon hydrotherapy and electro lymphatic therapy.

My work best serves those who are looking to improve their health and wellness with bodywork and lifestyle practices offered at the Tummy Temple Olympia/Lacey branch.

I possess a degree of compassion and reassurance, along with a dash of humor to make clients feel seen and heard, and strive to make every visit a positive experience.


Amanda Downing-Riffey

Amanda Downing-Riffey, RN

I offer IV services, Electro-lymphatic therapy, and Colon Hydrotherapy at the Tummy Temple.

I provide competent and emphatic care in a comforting space to encourage clients along their healing and wellness journeys. I have provided care to clients from a wide variety of ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds.

My gift is my ability to provide calm reassurance to clients during vulnerable moments, while being a strong advocate for Holistic medicine that recognizes the whole person - Mind-Body-Spirit versus a symptom in approach to treatment.


Caitlin Jarvis, RN, DNP

Caitlin Jarvis, RN, DNP

My work serves clients who are ready to support their bodies holistically in all areas - physically, emotionally, mentally, + energetically. My gift is combining intellect + intuition or science + spirit - combining my western medical background with integrative medicine + a high degree of empathy. 




Janna Trautwein

Janna Trautwein, Operations Manager

My work serves all clients at the Tummy Temple as well as practitioners, admin, and my fellow management team, I help all of us work together! I have a gift for communicating with clients, coworkers, and other professionals and shine with my organizational skills. I am passionate about the interactions I have at the Temple every day.