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At Tummy Temple, every patient is unique. As a full-service naturopathic clinic just minutes from downtown Olympia, we strive to treat every patient as more than the sum of their parts - rather than reduce them to their individual symptoms. In this way, our mission is to provide care that seeks to balance the body's systems and restore bodily harmony. Whether you've worked with an ND before or are new to naturopathy, our team at Tummy Temple is ready to guide you on your health journey.

Our Services

Olympia Naturopathic Primary Care

We offer one-time and recurring naturopathic consultations. Consultations with our NDs may include, but are not limited to: diagnostic testing, in-depth conversations about health concerns & history, and development of your personalized health plan.

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Remote Naturopathy Consultations

Many of our patients travel frequently or have relocated since establishing care with us. As a result, we now offer the chance to video conference or set up phone calls with our naturopathic doctors. Remote consultations are available for all established patients.

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Diagnostic Testing

Tummy Temple offers a variety of diagnostic testing methods that help us determine a health plan most suited to your needs. Such methods include adrenal stress indexing, complete blood chemistry, and hormone panels.

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Naturopathy FAQs

Why See a Naturopathic Doctor?

Naturopathic medicine is designed to identify the root issues of poor health by looking at each patient holistically. This is exactly the approach we take at Tummy Temple. Our NDs are committed to treating each of a patient's symptoms as parts of a related system, not as issues to be addressed separately. If you have been struggling to achieve better health through conventional medicine, then naturopathic medicine - commonly known as naturopathy - might be right for you.

Why Choose Tummy Temple for Naturopathy?

Tummy Temple is a full-service naturopathic medicine clinic with a team of NDs. When you join the Tummy Temple family, that's exactly what you get: a family of naturopathic doctors committed to your health. While patients typically have sessions with a designated ND, Tummy Temple's full team of naturopathic physicians promotes a culture of constant support and ever-increasing expertise that singular ND clinics cannot always offer.

What Makes Naturopathic Doctors Different?

Like MDs, naturopathic doctors complete four years of post-graduate study and clinical training. Unlike MDs, naturopaths combine conventional medicine with holistic naturopathic techniques, often derived from eastern traditions. Specifically, NDs are trained to treat seemingly disparate areas of health as an interconnected. By approaching healthcare this way, NDs promote patient health through balance and harmony within the body.

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