If there is no parking on 12th Ave NE in front of the building, then proceed onto Lake City Way NE to circle back around for additional side street options.

Turn right onto NE 80th Street  and proceed 2 blocks to 15th Ave NE.

Turn right onto 15th Ave NE and proceed to NE 75th Street.

Turn right onto NE 75th Street and proceed to 12th Ave NE.

Turn right onto 12th Ave NE and proceed to NE 77th Street for parking.

There is off street parking on NE 77th Street for several blocks. 

Park and walk toward Lake City Way NE and turn right.  Tummy Temple is 3 buildings to your right.  Entrance is in the front and the building is green.

Tummy Temple is the light green building with a large cedar tree in front.  Parking is available just to the right of the building in the picture.  Look for the bright orange cones.


We look forward to seeing you there!  Questions?  Call us at 206-729-6211


Green rectangle is the new Tummy Temple, red circle is the old Tummy Temple, and the yellow arrows detail some extra parking.