Nicole Donahoo, LMT

Nicole Donahoo LMT Seattle TUmmy Temple Massage Therapy


I offer my intuitive touch and blend of body working techniques to find what needs to be worked through. Practicing Reiki energy work incorporated within the session to offer a shift in body frequencies.

I am a massage therapist working with other healers, doctors and naturopaths to assist clients at the Tummy Temple. I offer a realistic and compassionate perspective to self-care; my warmth and candor when approaching an issue helps to ensure our clients are heard and know their issue is directly being addressed.

I am an artist with many outlets; physical, visual, vocally and emotionally. There is a conceptual way that I see the world and it allows me to know what needs healing.

I found the Tummy Temple very much by chance, searching for my own healing after appendicitis in between surgery. I respect their mission and desire to advocate for natural health medicine, I have been working towards similar goals in my profession career for some time. Its important to have faith in and find healers with knowledge as well as expertise that can guide you through your weaker moments. I have always wanted to help others, feeling well and finding a solution or treatment that helps health problems can be a struggle when there is so much information available. Breaking down, guiding, learning and delivering great care the those in need is how I best operate in my career and healing is a passion of mine, to seek better ways of care for the human condition. I am an animal lover and owner, a student of the universe, as well as a traveler.

Licensed Massage Therapist- WA, MA60298113-2012
Western Washington University Alumni
Currently enrolled Master Program at NCU for Marriage and Family Counseling
Chakra Healing
Reiki Healing Level 1&2
Myofacial techniques
Peripheral Nerve technique
Trigger point therapy

Interests and Areas of Study
Mental Health and Wellness
LGBTQ issues and rights

Massage Therapist License MA60298113