Therapeutic Massage

A therapeutic massage isn’t a luxury – it’s an acknowledged treatment for the alleviation of many painful and stressful conditions. Research shows that regular therapeutic massage sessions are highly effective at relieving many health problems and imbalances in the body.

A professional therapeutic massage targets your soft tissues, including muscles, tendons, and ligaments, to relieve tension and anxiety. It’s believed to reduce pain by stimulating competing nerve fibers and blocking pain signals sent to the brain.


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Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage and wellness have been associated for millennia. This ancient practice offers natural, safe, and effective relief. Here are the top 5 benefits you’ll experience at our Tummy Temple therapeutic massage center:

  • Relieve Your Pain

Do you suffer from chronic pain due to illness or experience cramps or spasms after exercising? Various non-invasive massage techniques and applied pressure trigger pain relief, relax muscles and increase circulation. Improved blood flow carries healthy nutrients and oxygen to sore, swollen joints and promotes healing. Regular therapy sessions can reduce or eliminate your aches and pains.

  • Relax Your Muscles

Are you suffering from muscle strain, stiff joints, and back or neck ailments? These tensive issues are becoming more commonplace as people struggle to cope with the rigors of modern living. Therapeutic massage can significantly reduce the impact of muscular tightness by activating your parasympathetic nervous system, allowing your mind and body to relax. Stressed muscle fibers experience micro-tears that form scar tissue or adhesions. Massage therapy relieves discomfort by breaking up these uncomfortable adhesions and stretching the muscle fibers.

  • Reduce Your Stress

Are you overwhelmed by life’s problems and pressures and suffer from insomnia, depleted energy, or chronic fatigue? Stress affects all of us, and one of the best ways to manage it is with a relaxing full-body massage. It’ll bring your body and mind into a state of deep relaxation and stimulate endorphin production. This elevates your mental and physical health, prevents potential diseases, enhances your mood, and boosts your immunity. Furthermore, a good massage controls cortisol, the stress hormone. This regulates melatonin, the sleep hormone, enabling you to get a good night’s rest.

  • Lessen Your Anxiety

Are you facing a difficult situation in your life that’s affecting your mood and state of mind? Anxiety, depression, and aggression go hand-in-hand. Many research studies have shown that people suffering from extreme emotional distress are positively affected by massage therapy. Having a wonderful, relaxing, therapeutic massage invokes a sense of joy and being cared for. Our expert therapists can detect the subtle signs of anxiety in your tissues that go beyond muscle contraction and apply special calming techniques to relieve these emotional symptoms.

  • Boost Your Metabolism

Are you sluggish, bloated, and struggling to lose weight? Therapeutic massage is especially beneficial if you want to maximize your metabolism. With each massage, your circulation is enhanced, causing blood vessels to dilate and move oxygen and life-giving nutrients around the body. It invigorates the digestive system, helping you blast that fat and lose the belly. Therapeutic massage also stimulates the lymphatic system to clear toxins from your cells and tissues more rapidly.


Types of Therapeutic Massage

By combining the best aspects of different massage modalities, Tummy Temple customizes an advanced therapeutic massage treatment plan for your specific individual needs:

  • Mayan Abdominal Massage is a centuries-old technique from Belize in Central America. It specifically addresses the position and health of the pelvic and abdominal organs. Used in combination with Tummy Temple’s herbal remedies, it can cleanse the reproductive system, enhance digestion, and soothe stress and insomnia. In women, it can be used to correct the position of a prolapsed uterus without resorting to surgery, and in men, it can treat benign prostate enlargement.

  • Chi Nei Tsang (pronounced chee-nay-song) is a holistic therapy from ancient China. Its Taoist approach seeks to balance the individual’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. “Chi” is the vital energy that animates all living creatures, and “Nei Tsang” are the internal organs. Translated, it means “internal organs energy transformation.” This therapy is a deep energetic practice that clears emotional blockages, releases accumulated tensions, and promotes healing.

  • Myofascial Release is an osteopathic technique that increases soft tissue mobility, resulting in pain reduction within the musculoskeletal system. It is a slow, effective technique that relieves the symptoms of fascia restriction. Fascia is thin sheets of connective tissue that overlay muscles, organs, and bones. When they are gently released from underlying tissues, immobility and pain are alleviated.

  • Visceral Manipulation involves abdominal massage that combines friction with deep pressure to break down adhesions. The goal is to reconfigure collagen fibers, thus restructuring the connective tissue around your organs. It restores the pliable mobility of your organs, replenishing the circulation and nutrients they need to function properly.

  • Craniosacral Therapy is a very light massage of the bones of the cranium and sacrum to release tension. The gentle, intuitive Manipulation provides a soothing, pleasant experience. It releases tension patterns in the body to re-establish the optimal flow of the cranial rhythm.


Different Techniques Used for Therapeutic Massage

Our professional therapeutic massage therapists use various massage strokes, which differ by pressure, direction, and speed of application:

Name of Massage Technique Description of Massage Technique
Effleurage (stroking) Gliding, light or deep, rhythmic strokes promote relaxation and circulation.
Pétrissage (kneading) Lifting, kneading and rolling separate muscle fibers, fascia, and scar tissue.
Tapotement (percussion) Tapping, patting, cupping, and pounding revitalize tired and sore muscles.
Friction Shearing movements extend tissues and align collagen.
Vibration Repetitive, rapid shaking relaxes the skeletal muscles.


Tummy Temple Offers the Best Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Are you sore, suffering, and searching for, “Where can I get a therapeutic massage near me?” So many people endure physical and emotional maladies easily relieved by one or more therapeutic massage sessions. Come and experience the restorative power of Tummy Temple’s unique blend of massage techniques. Contact us to start on your path towards healing and relief today!


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