Nutrition Counseling – FAQs

Once entering The Tummy Temple feel free to use the restroom and get yourself a cup of tea or water. Your nutritionist may be finishing up with a client so make yourself comfortable in the lounge. Once things are complete with the previous client your nutritionist will come and introduce herself and you can get started. You will go into one of the rooms used for both massage and nutrition counseling. You will have a seat on one of the wicker chairs by the windows.

The first 15-20 minutes will involve a series of questions that will help your nutritionist understand your individual situation better. There is no judgment involved in this session. Food and eating are very intimate. If it were as simple as protein, carbohydrates and fat people wouldn’t have the charges that are seen so prevalently around nourishment. Your nutritionist will be taking notes so that she can refer to them for the most personalized care.

After you have finish the initial discussion it will transition into the educational portion of the session. Based on your goals and the information provided, you and your nutritionist will mutually come up with a reasonable plan that is going to fit your lifestyle. She will write down key points for you to take home with you as a reference and will make a list that is manageable and realistic.

The recommendations that you and your nutritionist develop together will be a framework. It is not a pass/fail situation. If you go home and the recommendations do not fit into your life it means that the plan failed – not you. This is a time for you to return to talk with your nutritionist about what worked and what didn’t work and revise from there.

After about 40 minutes of education and discussion your nutritionist will recap the key points and make sure you feel as though your needs were met. You both will leave the room at which point your nutritionist will make a copy of your recommendation sheet for your file and you will check out at the front desk. With nutrition counseling there is homework involved. This is why we usually recommend for people to make a return visit, if necessary, in 2-3 weeks so that there is time for the plan to be implemented, assessed and fine tuned.

As soon as possible fill out your intake form (even if you have already filled one out for a previous session). On this intake form give as much specific information as possible in regards to your goals for the nutrition session.

Be prepared for a non-judgmental session where you will work together with your nutritionist to find reasonable and attainable goals.

For guidance on how to fill out an intake form, Watch our Online Scheduling tutorial video:

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