Digestive Health

Digestive health is crucial to our overall health and wellness. Our digestive systems are complicated and sensitive. If your digestive system is not performing optimally, your immune system, skin, and even mental health can suffer.

Digestive health begins with the food we put in our mouths and requires the cooperation and functioning of several organs, including our:

  • Stomach
  • Liver
  • Intestines
  • Pancreas
  • Gallbladder
  • Colon
  • Bowel

These organs work together to aid your overall digestive functioning. Abnormalities in even one of these organs can set off a chain reaction in the others.

Once we swallow food into our esophagus, it travels to the stomach, where our bodies prepare it for digestion. Our stomach acid breaks down proteins into amino acids, transitions carbs into sugars, and turns fats into fatty acids.

Afterward, our pancreas secretes digestive enzymes, which help food products further breakdown. Finally, the broken-down stomach contents move into our large and small intestines, colon, and bowel. These processes are crucial for the proper digestion of any foods we consume.

Gut health refers to how well your gastrointestinal system is functioning. Healthy gut flora, or the microorganisms living in your digestive tract, contain a balance of beneficial bacteria and immune cells that work to prevent infection and address viruses.

Digestive Health Clinic Services at Tummy Temple

Tummy Temple offers various services to assist you in improving your digestive health. Whether you’re looking for high-quality supplements, detoxification treatments, or want to speak with a professional and form a personalized wellness plan, we provide the digestive care you need.

Work With a Naturopath

Our naturopaths are trained to identify the root causes of your health concerns through consultations and diagnostic testing. We will work to formulate a thorough plan to address any root causes and give you the tools you need to improve your health. You can also establish primary care with our naturopathic doctor. Working with our naturopaths will lead to answers about your digestive health concerns and get you on the right track toward improving your gut flora and overall wellness.

Our naturopathic doctors can consult with you remotely, so you do not have to be local to Tummy Temple to work with one of our expert digestive health specialists.

Diagnostic Testing

Our naturopaths use several diagnostic tools to offer insight into your digestive health needs. We offer digestive stool analysis and other kinds of testing tailored to your history and digestive concerns. These diagnostic tests then inform our process as we work together to create a plan that best supports your digestive health.

Nutrition Consultation

We use natural and holistic methods to aid you in improving your dietary choices. We offer verbal consultations that will leave you with a concise and attainable plan for moving forward, emphasizing eating habits in support of your digestive health.

IV and Injection Therapy

For people whose gut flora is unbalanced, it can be hard to absorb nutrients while waiting for the digestive system to heal and improve. If you’re concerned about immediately rebuilding your health, you can bypass the gut and take nutrition directly into your bloodstream through one of our highly effective nutritional IV options. Some therapies we offer include:

  • Stamina and Brain Builder
  • Tension Tamer
  • Energy and Immune Boost
  • Detox Supreme
  • Mega C

Common Digestive Disorders and Symptoms

If you are suffering the effects of poor gut health, you are not alone. Unbalanced gut flora can lead to many adverse health effects. Such issues drive many patients to seek care from digestive disease consultants. Below are some common problems your digestive health specialists can help you address.

Gas and Bloating

Gas and bloating are pervasive digestive issues and can lead to discomfort and humiliation. When our gut flora is not optimally balanced, gas can be a symptom. The digestive health specialists at Tummy Temple are experts at identifying which foods may trigger gas and bloating for you.

Crohn’s Disease and Colitis

Crohn’s disease and colitis are conditions that inflame the GI tract, disrupting the body’s ability to digest food and preventing optimal nutrition absorption. These diagnoses are common culprits driving patients to seek help at digestive health centers.

Constipation and Diarrhea

There are many potential causes of constipation and diarrhea, such as certain medications, food intolerances, celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and Crohn’s disease. There’s no reason to suffer; digestive care centers like Tummy Temple can help assess what is causing your constipation or diarrhea.

Stomach Pain

Stomach pain can be debilitating and is one of the main symptoms patients report at digestive disease clinics. Sometimes, gallbladder issues or ulcers are the drivers of abdominal pain, and other times it’s due to issues with the pancreas or food allergies. Naturopaths help get to the bottom of stomach pain and isolate potential causes to aid you on your digestive health journey.

Importance of Digestive Health and How Naturopathy Can Help

Healthy gut flora is crucial to overall health and wellness. If your digestive system is functioning optimally, your digestion should be pain-free, and you should not struggle with excessive gas and bloating. You should also be able to absorb nutrients efficiently, and your bowel movements should be regular and painless.

Digestive health also plays a critical role in mental well-being. Our digestive system communicates with our brains through the nervous system to help maintain optimal cognitive functioning and wellness.

The digestive health specialists at Tummy Temple can help you isolate the root cause of your digestive issues and provide you with a personalized plan to improve your gut health. We take a multipronged, holistic approach to evaluate your symptoms and treat you.

Contact Tummy Temple to Find a Digestive Health Specialist

Tummy Temple is your center for digestive health. Our digestive disease consultants are standing by to help you achieve optimal physical and mental well-being. Let us help you create a personalized plan for your digestive healthcare. Call us today to schedule a virtual or in-person consultation; if you’ve booked with us before, schedule online.

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