Seattle Naturopathy, Massage Therapy, & Colon Cleansing

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Seattle, WA

2016 NE 65th St
Seattle, WA
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Clinic Hours

8:30-8:00 pm every day

admin support
8:30-7:00 pm M-F
9:15-4 pm Sat-Sun

Open every day of the week

Walk-ins please call 206-729-6211 before heading to the Tummy Temple to ensure staff is available to support your needs.

Getting to Our Ravenna Clinic

                   Tummy Temple Seattle is located in the friendly North Seattle neighborhood of Ravenna. Our clinic is in the fourth house/building just past the traffic light intersection of 20th and 65th on the left hand (north) side, just three buildings down from Third Place Books. The house is yellow and the Tummy Temple entrance is on East (right) side of the house towards the back under the torii gate/archway. Our reception and lobby is located on the second floor.  Please check in with reception or wait on the couch at the end of the hall if no one is present. Your therapist will greet you at the time of your session.

Entrance to Tummy Temple

Driving Directions

Note About Special Access at Tummy Temple Seattle

Unfortunately, there is no elevator in our building. Access to our 2nd and 3rd floor facilities is via stairs only. Our main entrance on the east side has 3 flights of stairs to get to reception on the second floor and two more flights to get to the third floor. All colonics are on second floor but other services MAY be booked on the third floor. You’re welcome to use the west, service entrance (open 8 am – 6 pm) with only two flights of stairs to the second floor, if that’s helpful to you! If stairs are simply not possible, you may want to try the Bastyr clinic on Stoneway, which does offer elevator access to colon hydrotherapy.

"I've been getting health care at Tummy Temple Seattle for many years. The practitioners are knowledgeable and caring. I love that I've been treated as an individual and I am listened to."
- Debbbie T.