Therapies and Pricing


With Naturopathic clinics in Seattle and Olympia, WA, Tummy Temple provides Naturopathic Medical care, diagnostic testing and bodywork therapies to help you optimize your well-being.
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Services listed with an asterisk * are only offered in the Seattle location.

Naturopathic Doctor Consultation

$290: 1 Hour First Visit

$190: 1 Hour Return Visit

$ 95: 30 Minute Return Visit

Remote Naturopathic Medicine

$290 1 Hour First Visit

$190: 1 Hour Return Visit

$ 95: 30 Minute Return Visit

Bio-Identical Pellet Hormone Therapy

$450 Female Hormone Pellets

$700 Male Hormone Pellets

Diagnostic Testing

*Pricing Varies

Colon Cleansing

$150: Signature Colonic

$190: Naturopathic Doctor Colonic

$ 40: Electro-Lymphatic Add-On

$ 30: Coffee Enema Add-On

Craniosacral Therapy

$150-$190: pricing depends on practitioner

Lymphatic Drainage

$150-$190: 1 Hour Standard Session, pricing depends on practitioner


$290: Initial 90-minute session

$190: 1-hour follow up

Massage Therapy*

$150-$190: 1 Hour Therapeutic Massage

$300-380: 2 Hour Therapeutic Massage

Neural Therapy*

30 minute Naturopathic visit  + $50 per unit used in service

Chi Nei Tsang*

(Currently Unavailable)

Supplement & Dietary Management

$150: 1 Hour Session [by phone or in person]

Add-On Therapies

$40: ELT add-on

$30: Coffee Enema add-on

$55: Ozone Rectal Insufflation add-on

Ozone Treatments

$55: Ozone Ear Insufflation

IV Therapies

$175-$425: prices vary based on nutrients

*IVs are currently at both locations!

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