Add-On Therapies

Add-On therapies can enhance comfort and increase results during regular colonic sessions.

Electro-Lymphatic Therapy* (ELT) - This therapy can be added to any of our on-location services. ELT add-ons are used to complement the primary therapy and address localized areas of need. ELT supports fluid balance, detoxification, immune function and reduction of inflammation and pain.

Coffee Enema** – Coffee enemas can be added on to any colon hydrotherapy session. Coffee enemas support liver and colon detoxification, regeneration of the gut lining and pain reduction.

  • $25:  ELT add-on
  • $20:  coffee enema add-on

* Note the Electro-Lymphatic Contraindications above to ensure that this therapy is appropriate for you.

** Please note coffee enemas require a prescription from a medical or naturopathic doctor. If you have already seen one of our current naturopathic doctors they can review your records for prescription eligibility. If you do not have a doctor, our naturopaths offer an Intake Review ($15) to determine prescription eligibility.