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4520 Intelco Loop SE #3A Lacey, WA

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M 2 PM - 7 PM

T 8:30 AM - 6 PM

W 8:30 AM - 6 PM

T 8:30 AM - 6 PM

Every other Friday 11:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Closed on Saturday and Sunday

Walk-ins please call 206-729-6211 before heading to the Tummy Temple to ensure staff is available to support your needs.

Our Olympia Naturopathy Clinic

Welcome to Tummy Temple, a team of naturopaths, massage therapists, and colon hydrotherapy experts located just 15 minutes from downtown Olympia.

At Tummy Temple, our naturopaths treat patients using a combination of natural healthcare and conventional medicine approaches. The natural therapies we utilize combine the best of proven age-old and modern emerging diagnostics and techniques.. We believe that doing so is the optimal way to get lasting results fast while keeping costs down.

Our Naturopathic Approach

Like MDs, all our naturopaths are educated in western medical science. However, their foundation is based primarily on natural therapies and medicine. Tummy Temple doctors stand out in the industry as truly hands-on doctors with expertise and utilization of touch to help diagnose and treat root cause issues by providing colon hydrotherapy and massage therapy, making us unique among naturopath clinics in Olympia.

Our Mission

The mission of Tummy Temple is to promote patient wellness by identifying their individual route to health. As primary care providers, we are dedicated to disease prevention and removing barriers to wellness for patients dealing with chronic issues. Naturopathic tenets: treat the underlying cause of disease, not just symptoms. Treat the whole person. Trust the healing power of Nature. First do no harm; utilize the most natural, least invasive and least toxic therapies. Focus on overall health, wellness and disease prevention. Honor the body’s innate wisdom to heal.

Patient Involvement

As a patient of Tummy Temple, your input will always be considered heavily in formulating your treatment plan. Our naturopaths engage patients in discussion so that they are aware of each patient’s particular needs, concerns, and lived experiences.

Colonics & Massage

Alleviating pain in seemingly disparate parts of the body often leads to better functioning of the body’s integrated systems. That’s why our team offers colon hydrotherapy and massage therapy, in addition to our naturopathic primary care services.


Getting to Our Lacey Clinic

                 Tummy Temple Olympia is located approximately 15 minutes south of downtown Olympia. The Intelco Loop SE intersects Corporate Drive SE at two locations.  Both points of access on the loop will get you to the Tummy Temple. The Tummy Temple is the 3rd building in from the loop. Our entrance is the one with the red gate, as shown below. Please check in with reception or sit in our waiting area if no one is present. Your therapist will greet you at the time of your session.

entrance to Tummy Temple


Parking is free, on location and easy to find a spot.

Special Notes

First time clients please fill out intake forms online before your first session.
Front desk support is not available on location. Please call (406) 282-1658 if you arrive and have any questions prior to your appointment and the Tummy Temple door is closed/in-session. The front desk administrator at Nearing Total Health is not part of the Tummy Temple.

"This facility is beautiful, the practitioners are incredibly knowledgeable, and the therapies are refreshing, relaxing, and effective. Definitely check out the Tummy Temple Olympia!"
- Janna T.