Colonics & Colon Cleansing

Our signature spa level colon cleanse session includes intake, 45 minutes of table time, use of essential oil blends and therapist summary of session. Colon hydrotherapy is provided using a closed system with a practitioner in the room at all times during the session.

  • $120-$135:  Signature Colonic (depending on therapist experience)
  • $165:  Naturopathic Doctor Colonic (with an ND performing the colonic, also used for diagnostic purposes)
  • $ 30:  Electro-Lymphatic Add-On
  • $ 25: Coffee Enema Add-On

*Notice of Clarity: Massage (LMT) and Registered Nutritionist (RN) credentials do not include colonics in their scope of training, certification or practice.

Please refer to our list of colon hydrotherapy contraindications to know if you can receive colon hydrotherapy. For more information, read our colon hydrotherapy frequently asked questions.