Tobyanna Everhart, LMT


My work serves clients who need a soft place to land while they restore and maintain balance through internal cleansing. I bring my gifts of listening, gentleness and creating space thus helping to ease nerves and cultivate a sense of safety.

For as long as I can remember I’ve felt deeply connected to nature. As a wee child I often had hands and feet in soil, eyes closely investigating inhabitants under evergreen canopies, curious and exploring with all senses. This curiosity, combined with my love of movement and adventure translated into a zest for life via skiing, snowboarding, hiking and rock climbing. For these adventures I needed a healthy and strong body and when that foundation started to wobble from digestive imbalance and recurring pain patterns I sought holistic and natural approaches to restore balance. I have found the healing arts to be a journey that offers empowerment through education, deeper connection to self, others and nature. As a result, I found a much happier, heartier, and more open and balanced me. I would love to meet you on your unique journey, offering my best in service, support and guidance.

Licensed Massage Therapist- WA, MA 60058081-2002
Member-International Association of Colon Hydrotherapists-2015

Interests and Areas of Study
Herbal studies with Lauren Herold

Massage Therapist License MA60058081