IV and Injection Therapy

Here at Tummy Temple, we're deeply committed to improving digestion and absorption of vital nutrients. However, there are times when depletion sets in and digestion is compromised. Absorbing nutrients can be challenging until the gut is further along in its healing, and this can take time.

What do you do to immediately begin rebuilding your health? Nutritional IVs are an excellent and highly effective choice for immediately improving nutritional reserves and thus everything those nutrients repair and nourish.

Essentially, you can by-pass the gut and take nutrition directly into the bloodstream. Sound radical? Well, it is radically effective and we see a great need for it given all the leaky and compromised digestive systems that present at our clinics.

So, it is with great excitement that we announce nutritional IV options at Tummy Temple in Seattle and Olympia.

Stamina and Brain Builder ($250)

An amino acid IV drip can replenish a chronic deficiency of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. Choose this drip for increasing energy and stamina, improving mood and sleep, and to address the exhaustion from chronic stress or trauma.

Tension Tamer ($145)

This magnesium and electrolyte IV will soften the blow of headaches from minor to migraines. Use for acute headache needs and proactively if headaches are a regular struggle.


Recover and Rehydrate (R&R) ($220)

Too much fun last night? Recover faster and quell intoxication with this hydrating and restorative IV that will leave you revitalized and clear headed. This rescure remedy includes B vitamins, electrolytes, vitamin C, and liver/brain boosting glutathione. 

Energy and Immune Boost ($165)

This classic Myer's Cocktail delivers essential nutrients to boost the immune system and replenish fundamental nutrients. Choose for beating a cold, addressing over-indulgence, jet lag, and auto-immune episodes.

Detox Supreme ($215)

Myers' cocktail with Glutathione push offers serious detox support. Glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant for the liver, assisting it with its many functions and especially detoxification. Bonus, your brain loves this IV; welcome improved cognitive function.

*Mega C (25 gram dose)($225)

When you are SERIOUS about optimizing immunity or rebuilding a broken leg you go for the Mega C. *The Vit C infusion requires a blood serum test for G6PD prior to administration. Your Tummy Temple Naturopath or another provider can request this test for you.


The most common "drip" schedules range from weekly to monthly depending on the level of support needed and are often used for acute issues as well (think onset of a cold or headache).

They are administered in the relaxing Serenity lounge of our Seattle location. In Olympia they are given in the privacy of the treatment room or in the large and lounge-like waiting room.

Nutritional IVs are becoming a go-to service for people who feel depleted from modern life and want to make fast gains in their health.

It won't be long before the "drip lounge" becomes your favorite happy hour place!

Prolotherapy ($120 Initial Consultation + $75 per injection unit)

Prolotherapy is a procedure that harnesses your body’s own healing potential to repair damage from old injuries or general wear and tear. Using natural substances and advanced injection techniques this treatment stimulates the mechanisms in your body that repair and rebuild tissue. Most people discover more mobility and comfort doing activities they have avoided for years.