10 Things I Love About You (An Open Letter To My Body)

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In the spirit of Thanksgiving season, I have written a letter to my body, giving thanks for some things that often go unnoticed or unappreciated. I want to recognize all my body has done to carry me along in this life, today I am especially grateful for these ten things:

1. Thank you for getting up every day and getting me out there to live my life. Thank you for finding the energy it takes to work, to play and to love.

2. Thank you nourishing me with a digestive process that I don’t even think about. Thank you for managing the waste that builds up inside from the environment and from all the many metabolic activities happening inside.

3. Thank you for creating inflammation as a buffer when I’m hurt. When you hold onto it long enough to sound the alarm in my immune system, may I find the strength to make the changes necessary to put out the flames.

4. Thank you for carrying on after accidents, incidents, and wounding, emotional and physical. The armoring and scarring can be helpful in keeping me safe, holding me together and making me resilient. I know that these things can be problematic at times, but I also know that I can loosen them up as soon as I’m ready.

5. Thank you for all the messages from within, some quiet and some loud. I will strive to find the courage to listen to them whether it be pain, numbness or cells multiplying into the form of growths of all kinds.

6. Thank you for keeping your basic needs met without me even having to think about it. It’s amazing what you can do with little attention; especially when I’m consumed with a monkey mind.

7. Thanks for fighting off bacteria, viruses, molds, yeasts and all those things that would love to take up residence inside. I know that I need to say no to being a host to things that would break you down.

8. Thank you for having the capacity to heal. I will make every effort to slow down long enough to let you do your job.

9. Thank you for layering the impact of my life on you like an onion, so that I can address it piece by ripened piece. Experiencing it all at once would be an overwhelming challenge. I promise to have patience when each new layer shows up seeking resolution.

10. Thank you for providing a vehicle for my spirit to do its work in this lifetime. It is never my intention to take you for granted. Sometimes I get distracted and forget how intimately we work together. I blame you for my suffering and see you as weak and broken. I know these are the times you need me the most. May I be granted the inner strength to practice unconditional love for you today and always and may this translate into all of my relationships.

Kristi Zimmer