Chi Nei Tsang Travel Tip

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from the fabulous Mindy Meyer, LMT! Try breathing into your lower abdomen and sides to promote relaxation, digestion and being grounded and centered in your body. You can easily do this on the airplane or whatever mode of transportation you find yourself upon. While sitting … Read More

4 Hands Insider Review

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My experience with four-hands massage/craniosacral work with Amanda and Shelly is difficult to explain because they took me and my nervous system to such a state of relaxation, yet awareness, that mere words seem to barely scratch the surface of the actual experience.  The way … Read More

Pelvic Bowl Bliss from Tummy Temple Times Aug 2013

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A final word on the almighty pelvic bowl and its fabulous contents… Let’s get very clear about the pelvic bowl, what it is and why it, along with its contents, is so very important.  The “pelvic bowl” is a body work term used to describe … Read More

Men Have Bellies Too

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I just returned from a 6 week journey through Central America learning about indigenous healing and the simplicity of Mother Earth’s natural cures for physical and energetic afflictions (which is why Wellbelly has been so quiet).    As I settle back into the hustle and bustle … Read More

New Team Members: July 2013 Newsletter

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The Tummy Temple is proud to introduce our newest team members Tobyanna Everheart LMP, Janell Hartman RYT (Restorative Yoga Therapist), and Jamie Lashbrook LMP.  This dynamic trio will add some very unique offerings to our body work menu.  Tobyanna Everheart LMP provides Colon Hydrotherapy and … Read More

For the Men!

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This one is for the men…we love our Temple Men!  If you are not a man reading this then think about one that you know and love.  We all have at least one beloved male in our lives; a father, a brother, a son, a … Read More

I’ll Have What She’s Having

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Right after Thanksgiving , shortly after I began working at the Tummy Temple, I was invited to join in the Temple Cleanse: where all the Templers embark on a cleansing or detox regime together, modified to suit our individual needs. My cleanse idea was simple: … Read More