Back to Normal with DiJu – Self-managed Case Study

Kristi ZimmerConstipation

The following is a real life email testimonial of the power of DiJu.  Hello MS (name has been abbreviated to protect privacy),…. Before I say anything I need to disclaim my comments with “I am not a doctor, I cannot diagnose, treat or suggest treatment … Read More

Colonics Reverse Constipation, Bloating and Fatigue

Tim ZimmerConstipation

Client Details: Female, 36 years old. The client has been suffering from constipation, sometimes severe, for many years. More recently, the constipation has been accompanied by painful bloating. The client has also noticed more frequent occurrences of fatigue and feels that they are related. Seeking … Read More

Colonics in a Case of Severe and Acute Constipation

Tim ZimmerConstipation

CASE STUDY: Woman with severe and acute constipation goes from no bowel movement for almost four weeks to immediate relief with colonics Client Details Female, 52 yrs. Seeking relief from acute, severe constipation. After normal bowel activity of on the average two bowel movements a … Read More