Discover Organic and Detox Your Skin Care – April 2012

Tim ZimmerClub Newsletter Peter Kindersley, Proprietor and Chairman of Neal’s Yard Remedies, offers 7 reasons why we’d love for you to Discover Organic this month: We don’t want you to ingest or be exposed to pesticides. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and … Read More

Spring Cleaning with Faie – April 2012

Tim ZimmerClub Newsletter

Spring Cleaning with Lymphatic Drainage & Colon Hydrotherapy By Faie Hennaberry, LMP, Lymphatic Specialist The bottom line in creating vibrant health begins with cleaning both the Colon and the Lymphatic System. The colon is the body’s major waste elimination system and the Lymphatic System being … Read More

For the Love of Bees – March 2012

Tim ZimmerClub Newsletter

My love for bees began with Mr. Louie, my grandfather’s first cousin that lived across the street from my childhood home. He always had bees; lots of bees. They lived on the back corner of his property in about 20-30 hives but inhabited his entire … Read More

Confessions of a Shy Colon – March 2012

Tim ZimmerClub Newsletter

Shelly Shelley, LMP Certified SOMA Practitioner       It’s hard to believe it is a decade ago that I first met Kristi McKinney Zimmer, co-owner of the Tummy Temple, in the midst of a health crisis. I had IBS symptoms bordering on Candida like … Read More

Vibrational Nourishment – February 2012

Tim ZimmerClub Newsletter

Vibrational Nourishment By Nedra Goedert I base my energy healing work on the power of vibration. I am aware that the vibration I am immersed in and filled with is the vibration I will be most affected by in the present. I will share some of … Read More