Massage at the Tummy Temple – January 2012

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Massage at the Tummy Temple


Your tummy has three specific needs that massage will address: pain, pleasure, and detoxification.


At the Tummy Temple, belly massage is the primary treatment for a wide variety of abdominal trauma such as surgery, chronic pain, miscarriage, abuse and inflammatory conditions in the abdomen. Unfortunately, a large portion of our society suffers from belly pain, and these conditions are often ignored or treated poorly. More specifically:

  1. Surgery: including laproscopic (small incisions for surgical tools) and exploratory surgery procedures inevitably create internal adhesions in the connective tissues of the abdomen as well scars skin, muscle, and blood and lymph vessels. This scarring and adhesion has an adverse effect on the normal functioning and physiology of our abdominal organs (such as bowel obstruction), and helps to create postural distortions that show up as changes in gait, muscle aches and pains, spasm and fatigue.

    By working with the belly with a variety of manual therapy techniques, belly massage helps to loosen and soften these superficial and internal adhesions to begin to restore function, increase circulation, increase energy and decrease pain.

  2. Chronic pain and inflammatory conditions: Chronic pain and inflammatory conditions: such as colitis, Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, gastric and duodenal ulcer, IBS, hepatitis, inflammation of the gall bladder, and others create a stress response in the body. Our body’s pH becomes more acidic, our smooth muscles contract, our breathing patterns become shallower thereby decreasing oxygen to our cells, and our digestive system slows creating pain, bloating, constipation / diarrhea and a whole list of other symptoms.

    Other painful and often traumatic abdominal conditions related to the female reproductive system can include miscarriage, endometriosis, menstrual and ovulation pain, uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts.

    Depending on the amount of pain or the phase of the inflammatory condition, belly massage is indicated to relieve these symptoms. Our clients often report that the condition that they have suffered with for sometimes years is greatly relieved and much more tolerable with this work.

  3. Physical and sexual abuse manifest their own unique kind of trauma to the belly which often persists for years after the original traumatic events. The identical stress response that is outlined above is often seen with these clients, along with a variety of emotional holding patterns that can disrupt one for their entire life.

    This type of work is often done in conjunction with psychotherapy or spiritual work / ministry.

Your tummy is one of the most vulnerable and sensitive areas of your body. Providing your tummy with the gift of pleasure is considered preventative care and a show of gratitude and love to all your organs which work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for a lifetime with no break! Give your tummy some love and it will show you the love in return :O).

Residing within your tummy are your organs. Over time these organs can be burdened with toxins as a byproduct of what you eat, how you eat it, regular constriction due to clothing, surgery and tension you hold in your belly. With special massage techniques you can help your organs release tension and increase the flow of fluids & information to help them naturally release toxins and improve their overall health. Tummy Massage and Lymphatic Drainage is an ideal therapy to use in conjunction with colon hydrotherapy to maximize your detoxification and cleansing programs. If you are not quite ready to start colon hydrotherapy, massage can do wonders for helping you improve your bodies ability to naturally detoxify itself.

In addition, from a Chinese perspective, all of the organs have associated emotions that can also become stored in the organs and create a ‘toxic burden’. A prime example of this would be anger and the liver. Chi Nei Tsang, for example, is an excellent form of massage that is ideal in addressing these ’emotional toxins’ in helping to release them.

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