Massage for Fertility – May 2011

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Massage For Fertility

by Kristi Zimmer, LMP and Danielle Biechner, LMP

Many cultures have belly massage techniques that address toning the reproductive organs as well as the digestive. However, in our culture massage is often overlooked when it comes to preparing and restoring the body in the child bearing years and beyond. Many people suffer from reproductive system issues such as a painful period, swollen prostate, fibroids or cysts, pain with intercourse, prolapsed uterus and fertility challenges. Both self-massage and professional massage can be very beneficial and enjoyable for addressing these reproductive ills. 

To prepare for pregnancy we use massage to:

  • Align the uterus and ovaries properly in the pelvis
  • Increase circulation of blood supply, lymphatic fluid and nerve information to reproductive organs.
  • Increase natural cleansing mechanisms of menstrual cycle.
  • Resolve any trauma or disconnection from the pelvis and organs.
  • Address stress from fertility challenges such as miscarriage and inability to conceive.

During pregnancy we use massage to:

  • Foster greater ease in pregnancy by creating space in the belly, pelvis and rib cage for mom and baby.
  • Promote relaxation and a sense of “preparedness” for birth.
  • Increase overall circulation reducing edema and vascular issues.

After pregnancy and birth we use massage to:

  • Bring the rib cage and belly wall back together.
  • Properly position the pelvis.
  • Align and lift reproductive organs.
  • Drain left over post pregnancy fluids.
  • Center one’s energy and promote relaxation. Healthy, relaxed moms are more likely to avoid post- partum depression and effectively bond with their babies.

This work is effective and powerful for new mothers who are ready to bounce back and get back into their bodies. It’s also effective for women who have never done post-partum restorative work no matter how long ago their pregnancies were. The latter group of women often suffers from years of constipation, weak pelvic floors, uncomfortable sex, and urinary incontinence (pee when they cough, laugh or sneeze). There is so much that can be done for both! 

See Danielle, Dr. Lisa, Shelly or Kristi for more information and masterful belly rubbing techniques that help make your pelvis the “center your universe.”

Massage For Fertility