How to Give Yourself an Enema

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An enema is a great way to stimulate a bowel movement.  It will not cleanse the entire intestine nor will it condition the muscle.  However, it can bring instant relief when you are “in a bind” and when you know how to give yourself an … Read More

Love your Liver

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  Love Your Liver   Our liver takes on much of the detoxification work in our body.  It has many other important jobs like synthesizing vitamins and minerals, de-conjugating hormones, and producing bile for effective fat digestion.  Periodic liver cleansing will help keep the tissues … Read More

What to expect when starting DiJu

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What to expect when starting Diju There are many different responses to Diju as one becomes adjusted to action of the herbs.  Most persons will find that they notice results within 12-48 hours while more chronic and complicated cases of congestion will take longer to … Read More

Tummy Tune Up

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Tummy Tune Up This is the perfect solution for an irritated or toxic GI system, as well as a seasonal clean up.  The products are designed to enhance digestion, cleanse the intestinal tract, increase and normalize bowel movements, improve gut flora, and decrease tension while … Read More

Emotional Release

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For releases of an emotional nature consider the following things: Emotions are a normal part of the human experience.  The more you accept them the more likely they are to pass quickly and not rule your life.  Also, knowing that they are a passing experience … Read More

Stress Release

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Stress Release Many people suffer from chronic, low grade nervous system tension in today’s modern world.  Focused body work, breath work, and energy work, can be highly effective at both identifying this stress and releasing it.  The negative effects of stress on the body/mind/spirit can … Read More

Spiritual Journey

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Spiritual Journey Working in the core can open one up to deep realizations as we get closer to our “gut instincts” and intuition.  This program focuses on working through energetic blocks and/or gathering answers from deep within our subconscious.  Some people will be guided to … Read More

Liver & Gall Bladder Flush

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Liver & Gall Bladder Flush This is a quick and easy way to flush out toxins from an overburdened liver andgall bladder. This cleanse has been done in many different ways with manydifferent products but we’ve chosen a simple one that will suit everyone atevery … Read More

Inner Ecology with Good Bacteria

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Inner Ecology with Good Bacteria The friendly bacteria in your intestinal tract are a vital part of your immune system by maintaining the membrane that separates our inner and outer worlds.   They also help extract nutrients from your food, improve your nutrition intake, provide energy, … Read More

Inner Ecology

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Copyright © Tummy Temple Inc. 2007 Inner Ecology This path will help you get in touch with your inner gardener! It is important to attend to the inner ecology and actively create flora balance in our bodies. We see the damage that occurs from neglect of … Read More