Colonoscopy Prep

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Watch a brief video on how to prepare for a colonoscopy.

Intestinal Exam Preparation
The important thing to remember about the intestinal exam preparation is that having an empty bowel makes for a comfortable and successful experience.

It is recommended to do a series of three colon hydrotherapy sessions.

If you are not having complete eliminations by the second session we suggest you do a series of colonics until you achieve a very productive session.  Only then should you rebook your colonoscopy and plan your preparation accordingly……your colon will thank you!

Use the following schedule to prepare your bowel for examination:

Colon Hydrotherapy Session 1 is 7 days prior to exam.
Colon Hydrotherapy Session 2 is 3 days prior to exam.
Colon Hydrotherapy Session 3 is the afternoon/evening prior to the exam.

Diet should be as follows:

Hydrate with water every day for the entire week prior to the exam by drinking half your bodyweight in ounces (e.g. a 200lb person would drink 100 ounces daily).  Eat a fruit, steamed vegetable, and/or liquid diet 4 days prior to the exam.  Foods that leave residue in the body such as meat, cheese, and refined carbohydrates (bread, crackers, pasta, etc) should be eliminated at this time.

Post Exam:

Schedule an abdominal massage with the Tummy Temple Massage Team to address tensions from the examination.  Often people will experience cramping or discomfort in the bowel area after these exams from the increased activity.   The massage team is well equipped to assist in resolving these tensions. 


There is no way to know before the colonoscopy if your colon has been adequately cleansed.  Only when the doctor, or technician, scopes the colon internally can that be determined.  There is no scoping being done at the Tummy Temple; only colon cleansing.  This is the also the case with all other forms of intestinal exam preparations, there is no guarantee that it will work or way of knowing that it has worked until the scoping is initiated.

With that said, therapists should be able to let you know if you had a very productive session by tracking the volume of water used and material released through the tube.  This is not a diagnosis, only an observation.  It is impossible for the therapist to determine whether or not the colonoscopy will be successful.  You will have to use your best judgment and follow the above recommended guidelines to put yourself in the best position possible.  We highly recommend this approach as it is the healthiest known way to cleanse the colon prior to a colonoscopy and is now being used in hospitals (note: Danbury Connecticut Hospital has made it the top choice for preparation.).

If your final colonic is very productive you should have minimal cramping upon taking colonoscopy preparation formulas from your doctor.