Digestive Support

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Digestive support formulas are designed to increase your digestive juices and enhance overall digestive capacity.  These supplements often include hydrochloric acid, pepsin, and/or enzymes.  They are helpful for those who experience bloating, flatulence, heart burn, excessive belching, malnutrition, and sluggish or reactive bowels. 

The goal is to completely digest food, feel pleasant and comfortable in the belly after eating, achieve excellent bowel movements, and feel energized after you eat.  Most individuals will benefit by using digestive support for at least a season to achieve the above goals.  Chronic conditions may take longer to achieve lasting success and good digestive fire. 

As always, it is important to look at all the factors affecting digestion for sustaining digestive power.  This includes eating slowly, chewing food properly, avoiding known food allergies, reducing stress, avoiding overeating, and simply enjoying the act of nourishing yourself with wholesome foods. 

General Directions:
With most digestive supplements we recommend starting with one tablet per meal and increasing by one each meal until the above goals are achieved.  This means take one with the first meal.  If you do not feel any change in your digestive fire, then take 2 at the next meal.   The exception to this is with Hydrochloric acid supplements.  If you reach the point of feeling a warm sensation then at the next meal reduce your dosage by 1 tablet/pill.  Stay at this dosage until the desired results have been achieved.  If you find that you have to take an excessive amount of the supplement to achieve results then ask your therapist about switching to a stronger formula. 

Special Notes:
• You might need to reduce your dosage with light meals such as salads, heavy snacks, steamed vegetables and broth soups. 
• You might to increase your dosage if your meal is exceptionally heavy or you are experiencing increased stress.
• As your digestion improves you will need to supplement less and less. 
• Digestive support formulas can be ordered online at www.tummytemple.com
• Chronic or extreme issues take longer to heal and often require occasional maintenance. 

Please call or email your therapist or contact reception if you have any further questions regarding these supplements or your digestion in general.  Persons with suspected food related digestion issues greatly benefit from consulting with the nutrition department.  Food allergy testing is also available through this department.