Colonoscopy Preparation Video

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Click here to find out how the Tummy Temple recommends preparing for a colonoscopy. To watch the video from Danbury Hospital about using Colon Hydrotherapy for colonoscopy preparation click here. Click the small white triangle below to watch the video. Note: One colonic is usually … Read More

Suggestions for Colonic Post-Treatment

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Some Tips . . . We suggest a fresh vegetable juice within 1 hour to 45 minutes after a colon hydrotherapy treatment, and a bite to eat or a meal within 2 hours. This serves to balance your blood sugar, stimulate natural peristalsis, and strengthen … Read More

Value of Colon Hydrotherapy Verified by Doctors

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By Morton Walker, DPM Copyright 2000 by Dr. Morton Walker Reprinted with Permission from the Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients: August / September 2000 (#205/206) Note to reader: Colon Hydrotherapy is not a medical procedure, nor is it the practice of medicine. As stated … Read More

On Colonics and Colon Function

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by Thomas Dorman, M.D. reprinted with permission; orginally appeared in: Exploring Issues of Philosophy and Conscience in Contemporary Health Care August 2000 – Vol. 5, Issue 8 Colonics and Colon Function Ancient Origins Colonic irrigation is an ancient method of healing and it would never … Read More

About Colonics at Tummy Temple

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Notice of Clarity – Colon Hydrotherapy is not within the scope of practice of the Massage (LMT), Registered Dietitians (RD) and Nutrition (CN) licenses. LMP, RD and CN registrations, certifications and licenses do not include training or certification for Colon Hydrotherapy. Colon Hydrotherapy is a … Read More

The History of Colonics

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The therapy of the colon (large intestine) and its benefits have been known and practiced for hundreds of years. Dating back to ancient times, enemas were recorded as early as 1500 B.C., in an Egyptian medical document called the “Eber Papyrus”. Hippocrates, Pare and Galen … Read More

Our Colon Hydrotherapy Equipment

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The Tummy Temple uses the world-acclaimed Aquanet EC2000 unit from Prime Pacific Health Corporation. In our twenty years of experience in colon hydrotherapy experimenting with a variety of makes and models we have yet to find a machine better than the Aquanet EC2000. Read what … Read More

What are Symptoms of an Unhappy Colon?

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Do you suffer from any of these symptoms? Backaches Headaches Bad breath Coated Tongue Gas Arthritis Indigestion Constipation Sinus or Lung conditions Skin Problems Loss of concentration Depression Parasites Fatigue Overweight When might be a good time for a colonic? When you go to the bathroom … Read More