Suggestions for Colonic Post-Treatment

Tim ZimmerColon Care

Some Tips . . .

We suggest a fresh vegetable juice within 1 hour to 45 minutes after a colon hydrotherapy treatment, and a bite to eat or a meal within 2 hours. This serves to balance your blood sugar, stimulate natural peristalsis, and strengthen your whole being.

Remember, ALL of you are cleaner, clearer, and more finely tuned now!

  • Eat well, feel well: clean, green, high fiber, and organic.
  • Be aware of your food combinations.
  • Distinguish between what mind/emotions crave and what is truly nourishing.
  • Develop your ability to look at food and feel its effect on/in you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually before you consume it and then with consciousness make your choices.
  • Be aware! You will feel as toxic and “junky” as the toxic junk food you eat.
  • For the first day, avoid foods that may be challenging: highly spiced foods, beans, cabbage, brussel sprouts, and the like.
  • Drink pure and natural liquids (water, herbal teas, and fresh vegetable juice) throughout each day with regularity.
  • Observe without fear or judgment the changes you experience; various forms of detoxifying and new-found energy and health.
  • Explore gentle, rhythmic forms of exercise 1 hour to 45 minutes daily: breathing exercises, Qi Gong, walking, yoga, swimming, Tai Chi, stretching, etc.
  • Massage, including self massage: Reflexology, Acupressure, Connective Tissue, Cranial Sacral, Rolfing, etc.
  • Avoid toxic environments. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually honor your vulnerability in this healing process and explore creating your sacred boundaries.
  • Take the time to rest and relax. Experience the difference between:
    Exhaustion vs. Relaxation

    Energy based on Balance and Harmony
    Automatic, “Driven”, and “Overdrive”

  • Visualize what you want.
  • The more you want it, the more aggressively you will strive for it, the clearer you will become as to what works/what doesn’t work, what you are willing to let go of to receive more of what you want.
  • The more deliberate you are, the easier it is.
  • The more the adventure, the more wonder,
  • The more creativity, the more healing.
  • Give yourself a rectal probiotic implant (may be purchased at The Tummy Temple) at night to help maximize the beneficial bacteria in your colon.