Colonics Reverse Constipation, Bloating and Fatigue

Tim ZimmerConstipation

Client Details:

  • Female, 36 years old.
  • The client has been suffering from constipation, sometimes severe, for many years. More recently, the constipation has been accompanied by painful bloating. The client has also noticed more frequent occurrences of fatigue and feels that they are related.
  • Seeking support in improving bowel function without bloating. Hoping to feel more energetic.


  • Colon hydrotherapy in combination with fiber 1 time a week for 4 weeks.
  • The client felt very crampy with incomplete releases during the initial colonics. After more in-depth discussion around pelvic health and symptoms of urinary incontinence we decided to apply upward traction to her lower pelvic region. Bowel contents were released easily and immediately with this technique.


  • Good outcome.
  • The client is free of constipation and bloating and reports less fatigue, though still wants to feel more energy in her daily life. I have referred her in-house for Chinese dietary therapy and she is working with both our Diju and Smooth Passage products to keep her regular while she incorporates better nutritional habits into her daily routine so that the problems will never return and the likelihood of feeling more vibrant increases.
  • The client will further continue to work with self massage and dietary fiber at home to improve bowel function.
  • Colonics 1 time a month for maintenance and start Physical Therapy for pelvic floor in 1 month.

This case study was submitted by Kristi Zimmer, CCT, LMP, master level in both massage and colon hydrotherapy practitioner (and Tummy Temple founder). Read more about Kristi at her biography page and call (206)729-6211 to schedule an appointment.