Colonics in a Case of Severe and Acute Constipation

Tim ZimmerConstipation

CASE STUDY: Woman with severe and acute constipation goes from no bowel movement for almost four weeks to immediate relief with colonics

Client Details

  • Female, 52 yrs.
  • Seeking relief from acute, severe constipation.
  • After normal bowel activity of on the average two bowel movements a day, this person began to experience acute constipation and could not move her bowels at all. She sought medical care from a GI specialist who did X-Ray testing and abdominal assessment. MD found no pathology and scheduled her for colonoscopy for four weeks out. At 3.5 weeks of no bowel movements she scheduled an appointment with our Master Level Colon Hydrotherapy practitioner. She has been using chemical laxatives and stool softeners with no success. She was referred to colon hydrotherapy by her ND.


  • 1 session of Colon Hydrotherapy focusing on reducing congested material and distending the bowel to stimulate a normal contraction.
  • Immediate clearing of the large bowel occurred while achieving normal peristalsis.


  • Good outcome.
  • Client is taking a cleansing fiber supplement and doing self massage. She had a small bowel movement the day after the session and returned to a normal bowel movement the second day post treatment.
  • She will continue with colon hydrotherapy at once a week for four weeks to ensure proper function and full recovery of normal bowel tone.