Infertility turned to Pregnancy after Abdominal Massage Therapy

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Client Details:

  • 39 year old female.
  • The client has struggled with body image issues for a long time. More recently she has faced fertility challenges, and was unable to conceive. Her doubts about getting pregnant had grown, as she believed that it was less likely at the age of 39.
  • Symptoms included a lot of negative self-talk due to her perceived appearance of her body. Stress levels were high due to fears associated with infertility.


  • The client has received eight sessions of massage therapy to date. However, after the fifth session she was able to conceive.
  • She is presently 25 weeks pregnant and in very good spirits. She is much less concerned with body image and now spends her time marveling at the fact that she is pregnant for the first time in her life.


  • The outcome was excellent.
  • Little advice has been given. She continues to see me monthly until the pregnancy ends with plans to continue beyond child birth. We are planning at least three sessions in the 1st quarter post-partum to work with connective tissue in the abdomen and pelvic floor. I have referred her to our Registerd Dietitian to develop a strategy aimed at improving her nutritional intake both during pregnancy and beyond.
  • There are no concerns at this time.

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