Cleansing 101

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The most essential question to ask when deciding to cleanse is…

What do you really want to cleanse?

This might be determined by a health goal, annoying un-healthy symptoms, or a troubled health history.  You might need to cleanse slowly or make some deep headway fast.  You might even find that you need more rebuilding than cleansing.  This is an important decision process to go through to make sure that you are on the right track.  This is a good place to employ professional guidance. 

With that said, anything that makes you feel lighter has essentially created a cleansing effect.  This leaves us with many options for making cleansing a habit.  Cleansing can last short and long periods of time ranging from simple 1-3 day programs or 6 month long programs that create lasting change.  Use the following guidelines to establish effective cleansing habits.

Essential Daily Cleansing Habits

DIET:  This is the foundation of all cleanses.  Cleaning up the diet is essential to cleaning up your body.  Go organic and increase vegetable intake immediately.  Begin to filter out food items that trash the body like white sugar and white flour. 

HYDRATE:  Increase pure water intake and add in electrolytes to move toxins and flush the cells.  Raw apple cider vinegar, lemon, lime, pinch of sea salt, prepared electrolyte formulas are all great water enhancers. 

EXERCISE:  Move your body.  Move your body.  Did I say move your body?    Moving the body moves toxins around and out and nutrition all the way in.  Dry skin brushing also moves the lymph which brings the toxins to exit pathways for elimination.

BREATHE:  Track your breathing.  Practice breathing with no restraint, effortlessly and easy.  Allow tension to leave your body with each exhale.  Ahhh.  I just got my attitude adjustment and all I had to do was breathe.

Most Popular Cleansing Programs

Colon cleansing is the most popular kind of cleanse.  Why?  Because if the waste production sight of your body is functioning properly then you will be doing a great cleansing job throughout the year.  All of the body cleanses through the colon and all of your nutrition comes through the digestive track.  This makes it a fantastic thing to cleanse on a regular basis. 

Liver cleansing is usually next and enhances colonic performance as well.  The liver is the major detoxification organ of the body.  It drains into the intestinal tract, yet another reason for it to be performing optimally.  The release of toxins from the liver is often the culprit of the infamously known “healing crisis.”  Using the right spectrum of nutrients for liver function and detoxification is essential to proper liver cleansing.  This is another great place to utilize professional guidance. 

Parasite, microbial and yeast cleansing is great for people who have known parasitic exposure, excessive indigestion and bloating, or continuous low immunity.  There are classical herbal formulations that rid the body of the most common microbes.  Time released oregano oil is quite effective when taken continuously for 6 weeks to combat yeast.  Intensive good bacteria implants are necessary for the successful completion of these types of cleanses.  Without saturating the system with appropriate strains of beneficial bacteria you continue to be susceptible to the same type of unhealthy overgrowth that you just cleared.  Clearly professional guidance is essential here.

Inflammation “clean-up programs” are great for folks who tend towards fibromyalgia, edema, and sore connective tissue (including joints and tendons).  They can be very simple with proteolytic enzymes and yield rather immediate and noticeable results. 

All of the types of programs mentioned above can be used separately or combined in various ways to address your cleansing goals.  At the Tummy Temple, you are in good hands.  We will use 1 or a combination of fantastic practitioners to help guide you into a healthier state.  Consult with Amber, our client liaison, to find the most optimal place for you to start.