Liver Detox provides young man relief from cravings and fatigue

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Client Details:

  • Male, 40 years old.
  • The client was feeling fatigued and suffering from severe food cravings. These cravings lead to night time binges and regular overeating. Daily alcohol intake added to the problem. He felt bloated most of the time and regularly had trouble waking up in the morning without coffee. Stress is also a significant factor to his discomfort and unhealthy habits.


  • We applied Critical Liver Defense, a liver detoxification support formula, and colon hydrotherapy at once a week for 3 weeks to this case.


  • Great outcome.
  • Within the first week the client was inspired to improve hydration and cravings reduced by the end of the week.
  • The second week elimination improved to 3 complete and easy bowel movements a day leaving him less bloated. His energy began to significantly improve during this week.
  • By the third week he was off of alcohol and had made significant strides in his dietary habits, including reduced meal sizes and healthier choices.
  • The greatest marker was an increased ease in waking up in the morning without feeling lethargic. The client will possibly stay on the liver support product for 3 more weeks since he feels better in general and has a busy schedule ahead.  He reports that a hectic schedule is often what gets him off track. He feels that staying on the products will combat the effects of the stress and keep him focused on being healthy while being busy. We have to agree!

This case study was submitted by Kristi Zimmer, CCT, LMP, master level in both massage and colon hydrotherapy practitioner (and Tummy Temple founder). Read more about Kristi at her biography page and call (206)729-6211 to schedule an appointment.