Massage Relieves the Symptoms Associated with Metastasized Breast Cancer

Tim ZimmerDepression

Client Detail and Condition

Stephanie is a 39 years old female suffering from metastasized breast cancer. She has multiple tumors throughout her breast, lungs and liver. She feels tenderness where the large tumors are in the upper right quadrant of her chest and neck. She is also swollen, constipated and fatigued from chemotherapy and radiation. She is also experiencing a lot of depression and sadness as the disease advances.

Treatment Protocol

We decided to do 3 initial massage therapy treatments at 1 time per week to see what the response would be. These sessions aimed to reduce lymph congestion, loosen tissue around congested tumor sights, and improve circulation in abdomen. Guided visualization to improve relaxation and sense of well being was also used.

Post-Procedure Discussion

Stephanie experienced improved sense of well being from the start. She also felt greater range of motion in her neck and less irritation at congested tumor sights. Her abdomen became much softer and she was able to eliminate after the sessions. Lymph congestion decreased steadily with each session. Stephanie was very pleased with the results.

We have encouraged Stephanie to use colonics as needed for the constipation that she experiences during chemotherapy. We have also suggested that she continue with massage at 2 times per month to address the above issues with sense of well being at the top of the list. There is never a more important time to cultivate wellness than when you are battling a life threatening illness.