Colonics Relieve case of Loose Bowels, Bloating and Cramps

Tim ZimmerStress

Client Detail and Condition

Lydia Alexander is a 47 year old female client suffering from reactive, loose bowels for over 3 years. She was experiencing sensitivities to foods and would often be interrupted during meals by a sudden need to go to the restroom. She had bloating and abdominal cramps. She had been under stress opening a new business and these symptoms had increased over the last 3 years to a critical point. Lydia had used probiotics and other supplements and received regular massage to no avail. She had seen her MD but did not want to take prescribed medication.

Treatment Protocol

We decided that Lydia would benefit most from a short series of colonics to support cleansing the colon and proper function. We also suggested that Lydia use fiber to immediately form her bowels to help with the loose nature and digestive support formulas to reduce her reactivity to foods. We also recommended that she avoid the foods to which she knew she had a reaction.

At the end of the series of 5 colonics she was having normal daily bowel movements and less gas. She was not experiencing reactive bowel movements during or just after eating. She was also avoiding the reactive foods for the most part.

Post-Procedure Discussion

Lydia then went on a restorative plan using colonics 1 time a month and gut healing nutrient formulas, EFA’s, and probiotics. She also continued with her previous fiber and digestive support formulas. The entire program lasted 1 season.

Lydia’s system has never returned to the original state that she arrived at the Tummy Temple in, but she does encounter periods of intensified stress. During those times, she comes in for a short series of colonics and some digestive toning with the same products. Her system returns to normal within a week. She is very happy with the ongoing progress and new options for tummy wellness.