Let Freedom Ring!

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Let freedom ring throughout your body this month!

  • Freedom from neck tension, that sets in after hours of staring at the computer or cell phone screen.
  • Freedom from headaches, that come on after clinching jaws and squinting eyes upon hearing and seeing suffering in our world.
  • Freedom from trauma stuck in your stomach, making it impossible to take in nourishment.
  • Freedom from back pain, that accrues with the burdens that we take in from unconscious agreements and contractual responsibilities.
  • Freedom from the literal heart aches, that cripple our ability to take in and give more love.
  • Freedom from the confusion in our immune systems, that causes them to strike against our own bodies in storms of inflammation.
  • Freedom from uncomfortable restriction in our throats, that suppresses our ability to speak our truth in peace.
  • Freedom from a belief system that keeps us from knowing our own inner physician.

This month we are seeking a way to be moved and then to move; move out of any frozen, achey state to one of action. The first few steps can be uncomfortable, and we are ready to assist with that. The journey may be longer than you might think you can travel. But all it takes is one step to start, and we’ll travel together.

Join us for a fantastically grounding and strengthening TempleWise this month, July 5th at noon. Bring your desires for action and your needs for movement support to this circle with your fabulous guide, Janell Hartman.

Many Blessings for true freedom,

Kristi Zimmer, LMT