5 Tips for Holiday Bliss

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1. Hydrate effectively
The benefits of water are widespread throughout body. Adequate hydration assists with cleansing tissues and organs, boosting energy, plumping up skin, fueling the brain, quicker exercise recovery and performance, optimizing digestive function, curbing appetite and reducing pain issues like headaches, to name a few!. I’m sure you are aware of some of these benefits so the question becomes how do you get the right amount in and how do you absorb it all the way to the cellular level? Consider setting a timer to ensure that you are on time with consumption. Focus on getting the bulk of your water in by 4pm. Add electrolytes to your water to improve cell intake, such as a squeeze of lemon juice (or any citrus), a pinch of sea salt, or any healthy, pre-made electrolyte formula. And don’t forget, the goal is to drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces a day!

2. Make a Socialization Budget
A socialization budget! What’s that? That means consider all of your holiday invites, your current health and your peace of mind as you formulate your calendar. Do holiday gatherings give or take from you? How might you reach a balanced budget that uniquely suits you? Are you fitting too many socials into one weekend? Consider spreading out the cheer into the New Year and slimming down the commitments or slimming down the time committed to each event. Build in unstructured time during the holidays to allow for magical moments to spontaneously appear. And when in doubt, listen to your gut. Sit for a moment with an event in mind and do an internal check. Do you contract or open up? Let your brain do the rest of the work to sort out a reasonable schedule.

3. Go heavy on the Bitters
Bitters make so many things better; our digestion for one! A dropperful of bitters in your water or straight into your mouth before or after a meal can keep bloating at bay. Still overfull, just continue with dropperfuls on the hour until the overfull sensation is gone. Bitters stimulate the digestive fire of the stomach and instigate a whole cascade of digestive juice secretions from your gall bladder to your pancreas and all the way through your intestines. This digestive fire increases the overall metabolic engine of the body improving congestive tendencies. In recent studies at the University of Maryland Medical Center (2010), bitter taste receptors were actually discovered in the lung tissue! Turns out that when these bitter receptors are stimulated the airways open for better air flow; good news for asthma sufferers and cold and flu season! So eat and drink your bitters while you’re having another gingerbread cookie!

4. Take life in small portions (food, events, gifting)
A little goes a long way with most things. We certainly observe this with food and beverage intake. The French have it down with their bite sized portions, mini shots of espresso and small plates. How can we apply this wisdom to the holidays? Maybe ratchet down the payout for gifts? Pick something really special for kids, join friends with a charity goal, or get really old fashioned and write a card with some heartfelt sentiments. And looping back around to the schedule; what can you cut out that won’t have a high return on your energy investment? Maybe this holiday’s tradition becomes bringing back game night with loved ones? Take some time to explore what to minimize in order to maximize the quality of your life this holiday.

5. Plan for your restoration in January and February
Even with the best planning and pacing, the holidays can be full. Enjoy the ride, plan ahead and remember we land smack dab in the middle of winter just on the other side. Choose a reasonable New Year’s clean up and routine that allows your resolutions to take form. The short days of winter provide a perfect back drop to catch up on your contemplative time. What does your fresh start look like for 2019? What transformation will be possible? Don’t stress yourself overthinking it. You have the whole year to make it happen. Dream, rest, and RESET the canvas in the final months of winter. The spring will be knocking on your door shortly and provide the energy that gives rise to your dreams.

Many blessings,





Kristi Zimmer
Co-Founder of Tummy Temple