Consult with a Naturopath

These naturopathic consultations and treatments are intended for several purposes: 1) identify the root causes to health challenges through consultations and diagnostic testing, if necessary, 2) formulating treatment plans to address the root causes, 3) putting the tools (information, supplements, and/or prescriptions) into your hands to improve your health, or 4) to establish primary care with our Naturopathic Doctor (ND) to help you coordinate your healthcare within the Tummy Temple and among the many providers in Seattle.

  • $290:  1 Hour First Visit
  • $190:  1 Hour Return Visit
  • $ 95:  30 Minute Return Visit
  • $775:   hCG 3-Week Plan includes the following:
    • 1 hour introductory ND [Naturopathic Doctor] consultation,
    • 3 week hCG prescription,
    • 5 weeks of email support,
    • 1 ND phone call per week of prescription use (3 total @ 15 min each)
    • Comprehensive Guidebook with recipes]
  • $975:   hCG 6-Week Plan includes the following:
    • everything in the 3-Week Plan, PLUS
    • 3 more weeks of hCG prescription,
    • 3 more weeks of email support, 
    • 1 ND phone call per week of prescription use (3 total @ 15 min each)

Need more information? Check out our page on naturopathic services and our Seattle naturopathy clinic.