7 key areas of focus for health seekers in the next decade!

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We are SOOO very excited to embrace 2020 with you and create a new vision for health care over the next decade!

Read on to discover the areas that we are developing to ensure that you will be able to keep up with the demands of building resilience.

Microbiome tending

Of course, we’ll start here! We’re Tummy Temple and the rest of the world is finally catching up with our obsession with the inner terrain.

We’re excited about all the science developing around the gut and brain connection and you should be, too. All the work that you’ve been doing with your diet, cleansing techniques, stress management, and inner gardening is right on target with building greater immunity and mental health.

Keep your brain clear and your mood balanced and your body healthy with proper microbiome attention. We’ll be offering all of our tried and true gut restoring protocols and some exciting new options; did someone say fecal transplants? 🙂

Nutrient Restoration

“I feel so worn out and fatigued.” How many times have we heard that over the last several years? The soils are thin, digestive systems are compromised, and the stimulation of a modern lifestyle demands extra nutrients. This all leads to a cellular level of depletion that leaves one dragging through the day and susceptible to catching the sickness of the week. Luckily, you can literally drip or inject important fundamental nourishment right back into your body and rebuild quickly.

We now have reward cards (think punch card at the coffee shop) for your common nutrient injections; such as B complex- the energy and stress management vitamin.

Enjoy super boosting nutritional IVs in our Serenity Lounge, Monday through Friday. Up to 4 people can drip at the same time in the comfy lounge with options such as the classic Meyer’s Cocktail (acute illness or hangover cure), high dose Vit. C (immunity support), amino acid (rebuild the body) or Glutathione (detox optimizer).

Dr. Jamie Doughty ND (Olympia) is leading the nutrient rebuilding program at the Tummy Temple. Consult individually with Dr. Doughty for a unique plan to suit your life needs.

Beyond the “normal limits” testing

Testing can be helpful and also confusing. Sometimes there are health issues that just don’t show up on normal testing results. “Within normal limits” test results often don’t explain the nuances of health concerns that lie in the gray areas. This is where Naturopathic Doctors like to look for hidden answers.

Asking for one extra piece of data could change the whole picture of reading a thyroid panel. What about understanding lipids, cholesterol, and triglycerides? And how does a CBC inform treatment plans for other chronic health issues? There are not so hidden messages in these test results that are clear for a preventative minded Naturopathic Doctor. When you look at tests through the eyes of “what is the root of this?” and “How do we avoid the disease associated with this imbalance?” you see how to avert and correct health issues.

We’re here to help you manage and monitor your health measurements and help you read between the lines to ensure you’re addressing the right things according to your Unique self.

Environmental Toxin Management

Whether it’s micro-plastic, EMF pollution, heavy metals or petroleum, we’re all facing the impact of the trash issue on our planet. Planetary toxins erode health over time and in ways that confuse the natural systems of the body. Auto-immune issues, chronic candida yeast infections, nerve inflammation, severe hormonal imbalances and extreme brain fog can all be a part of over exposure to environmental toxins that wreck our vitality.

We’re working with new tests to identify what might be lurking in your system and how that might be related to stubborn health issues. We also know how important it is to put together a game plan to safely pull it out and heal the damage left behind. We’re excited to provide some basic protocols for people who want to prevent the inevitable build up of toxins, too, as we know it’s better to manage the exposure as you go.

Concierge Medicine Lifestyle

Speaking of manage… let’s talk about health care support that meets your needs via the contact section of your phone. I travel throughout the US to visit family and friends with my 3 kids in tow and have called on my Naturopathic Physician who knows me inside and out to support my needs across the miles. What a relief that has been!

Over the next decade it will become easier and easier to access health care from your PJ’s in your living room, outside the board room or on the beach in Hawaii. Online video conferencing and phone technology have made it easier to take your health care with you, leading to better outcomes when needs arise. Add to that our online cleansing programs and you have everything you need to conveniently be healthy!

Deep Calming Strategies

Most people need to spend a little more time in the restorative state of the nervous system. Fight or Flight or Freeze has been the dominant force of the teenage years of the 20th century but to make it through the next decade we’ll need to figure out the balance. Meditation, unplugged moments and knowing how to identify the relaxing cues of our bodies and minds will be essential for optimizing the healing mechanisms of the body.

Hyper-stimulation, chronic stress and stored trauma are the biggest culprits of dysfunction. As we learn to breathe out held tension, digest away lingering issues and down regulate to neutral we’ll be ready for what comes our way. Most people need a stress management plan that ranges from self care tactics to supplemental support.

We’re working with multiple modalities and techniques to make sure you can keep calm and carry on in 2020 and beyond.

Ensuring Nature Cure therapies

As we move into a new decade, we continue to bring with us the knowledge and wisdom of nature cure. We’ve seen how these tried and true natural principles of moving fluids, pressure, proteins and energy through the body have a powerful impact on how we experience illness and health.

At Tummy Temple we are fully committed to ensuring that you can apply a castor oil pack, do a frozen sock treatment, give yourself an enema, wield a dry skin brush, and apply hot and cold as needed to ignite the innate healing dynamics of your body. Mother Nature knows best and some of the best healing tools available start at home. We want your tool kit to be overflowing with them, so we plan to bulk up our YouTube channel with a variety of tutorials on these topics.

Whatever comes our way over the next decade, know that we are tracking where we’ve come from to identify what works AND always looking forward for solutions that make our resolutions come true!

Happy New Year, Happy New Decade, and best wishes for an era of clear vision in 2020!

Kristi Zimmer
Co-Founder of Tummy Temple

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