Chi Nei Tsang Travel Tip

Tim ZimmerTummy Health

from the fabulous Mindy Meyer, LMT!

Try breathing into your lower abdomen and sides to promote relaxation, digestion and being grounded and centered in your body. You can easily do this on the airplane or whatever mode of transportation you find yourself upon.

While sitting straight, stack your spine (align your vertebra from your head to your hips) and put your hands over your lower belly. Breath into your hands. Expand with the inhale, release with the exhale. You can visualize golden healing light coming in with your breath from the top of your head and wrapping around your organs, nourishing them, creating space for everything to move easily and go with the flow. Send anything you are letting go energetically out of your feet into the earth to be composted.

This can help to relieve constipation, move things along your digestive track, relax the nervous system, all while allowing your body to rest and digest. This can be especially helpful with any cramping or digestive upset from that adventurous meal that you tried.

If you are looking to digest all that you are taking in on this trip, consider doing some self massage on your belly. You can use an essential oil formula like Body Bliss.

Start with your breath, connecting with your belly and lower abdomen. Gently massage your belly in concentric circles around your belly button, up on the right and down on the left, kneading back and forth.

The breath is a powerful tool. It is with you everywhere you go. It can be the difference between stress and discomfort and centering yourself in any given situation.

Safe travels!

Mindy Meyer, LMT