Sheila Kunkel, MA


I offer my warm energy to ensure clients feel welcome and cared for throughout their healing journey with the Tummy Temple. Listening to client’s needs and and finding ways to meet them is my forte. I happily support the wellness staff and administration in making the Tummy Temple a uniquely special place to be. I am a Licensed Massage Practitioner which allows me to bring a practitioner’s perspective when working with clients and practitioners.

I am also a Reiki Master Teacher and Intuitive healer with over a decade of experience.  I use both my intuitive insights along with the natural healing power of Reiki to help awaken your innate ability to heal.   I hold a non-judgemental and sacred space for you to release any blockages that create pain and disease, and opens energetic pathways for your body, mind and spirit to reach their full potential.  In sessions, I clear chakra imbalances, use breath work, imagery, and other simple tools that promote deep relaxation, awareness, and renewal.

I love teaching Reiki and sharing the gift of intuitive energy healing. Education is something I value greatly and I will take any opportunity available for me to learn. I studied at the University of Washington where I earned a BA in Sociology with a minor in Society and Justice. With a passion to help those in need, I decided to continue my education and earned a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Seattle University with a focus on Non-profits. When I became a Reiki Master and opened a wellness center, I decided to earn Massage Therapy Certificate from Cortiva Institute. Currently, I’m soaking up all the knowledge and training our practitioners provide here at the Tummy Temple.

 Massage Therapist License MA60279961