We did it again!

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Thanks to the awesome outreach by our client community we have achieved the support of 2 legislative offices at our Sept. 17th meeting with the DOH, both the chair and vice chair of the Health and Wellness Committee!

For information on what this about please visit www.waach.org.

Please join me in a Gratitude Campaign to thank these 2 Legislators for their support.

For 43rd district (Ravenna, Wallingford, Fremont, Capitol Hill, Eastlake, Montlake) call or email Rep. Nicole Macri (206) 729 – 3241 or send an email to her Legislative Assistant, [email protected]


“Dear Rep. Macri,

I understand that your office has taken interest in an important issue to me; maintaining access to wellness therapies such as colon hydrotherapy and electro-lymphatic therapy from the service providers I know and trust. Thank you for supporting legislative efforts in this direction and I look forward to following up with your progress.


Your name, phone #”

For 34th district (West Seattle, Burien, White Center, Vashon Island) email Rep. Cody’s office and Legislative Assistant, [email protected]


“Dear Rep. Cody,

I understand that your office is working with Rep. Macri on the issue of ensuring access to colon hydrotherapy and electro-lymphatic therapy. This is an important issue to me and I appreciate your leadership and legislative support. I look forward to following up with you on this issue.


Your name, phone #”


to ensure that your encouragement creates a positive impact at our meeting next Tuesday.

If you know people in these districts, then share this information! And you don’t have to be in their district to join in the gratitude! Reach out no matter where you live!