Small Steps for Lasting Results, A Case Study:

Dr. Jamie Doughty, NDCase Studies, Natural Medicine

By Dr. Jamie Doughty, ND, Medical Director

I embrace the New Year energy of stepping up to the plate to take on new challenges and also celebrate in the renewal of my body, mind and spirit for another trip around the sun!

This month’s case follows Sandra, a 55 year old woman with “mysterious MS-like nerve pain and headaches” and menopausal  hormone-induced weight gain and fatigue.

After 6 weeks on bio-identical thyroid replacement (Naturethroid), her energy on a scale of 1-10 has improved to 7-8 most days (it was 3-4 last month). With this increase in thyroid hormone she is feeling more motivated, experiencing sharper thinking and a happier mood. She accomplished two five-mile hikes over the holidays and lost 5 pounds by implementing a Mediterranean diet. This heavily plant-based diet supports a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, decreases inflammation, improves blood sugar regulation, decreases depression and increases your lifespan! Sandra committed to a weekly CranioSacral session for the month of December and reported a decrease in headache frequency by 75%. CranioSacral therapy relieves all types of headaches and migraine syndromes by correcting subtle imbalances in the bony structures that regulate the flow of cerebrospinal fluid to relieve stress and tension.

This month Sandra will begin a whole cannabis extract tincture, our Doctor’s Bliss formula, to support inflammatory pathways in hopes of decreasing nerve pain. Doctor’s Bliss contains a well-researched constituent in certain strains of cannabis called CBD (cannabidiol). Dosing CBD daily for several months can help balance our endocannabinoid system which regulates pain and inflammation among many other things. Sandra’s starting dose is 15 mg three times per day. We will continue to follow up on Sandra’s progress this year as she renews and restores herself to optimal health.

I challenge you all to explore your own unique path towards a higher health and well-being this year. Our Tummy Temple team and community are here to support you on that journey, cheers!