Where do I Start? – Tummy Temple Times July 2014

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Feeling like all of your buttons are getting pushed but none are resetting you?  Consider these tips when designing an effective reset.

If stress is the biggest factor keeping you from feeling great, then go straight to a massage session.  There are many types of massage from light to deeper touch.  

Light touch, energy work is very effective for people who tend to be sensitive to deep touch.  It can also be very helpful when physical efforts are not sustainable and symptoms keep returning in regular intervals.  Sometimes clients feel “heavy” from emotional or spiritual issues and often feel like they cannot get “grounded.”  Energy/light work can be very effective for these types of issues along with other types of trauma.

Deeper massage is great for working out stress patterns in the body and wringing out toxins.  This work is ideal for those who need to literally feel more support.  It can be great for those who tend to be predominantly “heady” and lose touch with their body.  Congestion issues (such as constipation) respond very well to deeper touch work.  If your body has forgotten how to stretch out and move, then deeper massage techniques can be a winning choice for increasing range of motion.

It is best to schedule approximately 3 sessions at 1 week intervals in order to address chronic or acute and severe stress.  However, even 1 session can begin a new and improved relationship to your body.

If congestion is your biggest issue, then go straight to a colon hydrotherapy session.  Colonics are the best way to instantly reduce a full and toxic feeling in your body.  The colon is one of the major organs of elimination for the body.  Giving it a cleansing boost allows the whole body to clean itself up.  This is a great reset for anyone experiencing chronic or acute bowel congestion as well as a general bloated feeling.  Allow for 3 sessions in 1-2 weeks for best results.

If pain is your biggest issue, then go straight to an Decongestive Lymphatic therapy session.  This unique, modern tool for mobilizing the lymphatic fluid is highly effective at cleansing areas of inflammation throughout the entire body.  The therapy is hypnotic even though the effect is quite deep.  Electrically charged inert gases produce excited electrons that break up inflammatory proteins within the interstitial fluid all the way to the organ level.  This is our most exciting new therapy at the Temple.  Allow for 3 sessions within 2 weeks for best initial results.  As well, this therapy is best utilized with Colonics.

If your issues are complicated and/or you have a serious medical condition, then go straight to a Naturopathic Consultation.  We have 2 very talented and diverse Naturopathic Doctors on staff, Dr. Lisa Valent and Dr. Michelle Coles.

Dr. Lisa loves to work with the full biochemical picture of a patient.  She uses precise lab testing and decongesting physical medicine techniques (colonics, massage and Decongestive Lymphatic therapy) to create effective programs.  As well, Dr. Lisa helps her patients to learn to listen to their bodies and find a deeper level of satisfaction in their lives and relationships.

Dr. Michelle is our energy medicine specialist.  She utilizes Constitutional Homeopathy, Craniosacral and Pranic healing techniques to create a strong foundation of health in her patients.  Correcting and stabilizing the energy systems of the body can produce profound results for chronic and acute health issues.  Dr. Michelle also provides colon hydrotherapy.  She is especially effective with sensitive patients and children.

Our ND team works together to cover all aspects of care.  If you are unclear with where to start, then just give a call for support.  206-729-6211

By Kristi Zimmer, LMP