Striking the Balance in Fall Cleansing & Renewal

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Fall Cleansing

Along with its sister season of Spring, Autumn is the other best time of the year to cleanse.  However, the two seasons offer different ways to clear away what no longer serves us.  In the spring we are heading into the light of summer, so we can more easily tolerate “feeling deprived” from intensive cleansing efforts.  In the fall we are heading into the darkness of winter, so we benefit more from cleansing efforts that include a healthy dose of restoration and contemplative moments.  In these quiet, less congested moments we often find the secrets that will bring us the most balance throughout the year.  

In the fall we want to bolster immunity, encourage moderation, and find a healthy lifestyle pace.  Cleansing in the fall will include harvest foods that nourish us in proportions that won’t add to our waistline.  Broths, roasted vegetables, steamed meats and hearty soups can make cleansing seem easy.  A series of bodywork can help us to identify congested and inflamed areas and nip further exacerbation in the bud.  The structure and mindset of fall naturally help us avoid excesses, especially when we consciously make room for healthy habits.

Recently I began a cleansing program with the intention of finding a more balanced lifestyle.  I set myself up with a combo session of colon hydrotherapy and lymphatic therapy once a week along with an intensive detox supplement protocol.  The body work really helped to get my congestion moving, but I couldn’t maintain discipline with the supplement protocol and the detox effects.  I took some time to compassionately examine what was causing my trouble.  Energy seemed to be at the root.  Overwhelm ensued at the end of the day when the 3 kids arrived home from school and the night time routine began.  I thoroughly resented my cleansing program by 5pm.  Resenting my cleansing program was not an option, so back to the drawing board of creating something sustainable and enjoyable.   

I found that I was most successful when I cleansed morning through mid-day and focused on restoration from 2pm through bedtime.   It was easy to rise in the morning and take all of my cleansing supplements, eat a light breakfast and sail through lunch in the same manner.  However, by 2pm my adrenals were not able to sustain the cleansing attitude and a more nourishing approach was indicated.  I started taking adrenal support, a nutritional smoothie and probiotics in the afternoon and found that my energy and attitude was much improved.  I had far less cravings in the evening, enjoyed making the evening meal for the family and ate much less at dinner time.  I am now considering “cleansing” all the way to Thanksgiving with this balanced approach.   It took 3 weeks to figure this out, but now I can celebrate my lifestyle change!

Have you wanted to cleanse but felt unsure that you could?  Do you feel intimidated?  Have you had trouble finding the right program for you?  Would you like a lifestyle shift but not sure where to start?  These are very common concerns for first time cleansers and even seasoned ones.  Add us into your calendar this fall and let us guide you into a lifestyle of cleansing and renewal that creates balance for your very unique body, mind and spirit. 

Many Blessings

by Kristi Zimmer, LMP
Co-Owner of Tummy Temple