Organic Beauty 101 – September 2011

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Smell Good, Look Good and Feel Good!
By Shelly Shelley, LMP

At the Tummy Temple, I offer Soma Bodywork, Visceral Massage, NYR Organic Beauty Massage and Reiki. The common thread that runs through each of these modalities is to reach, touch and communicate with the marvelous, miraculous, self-healing system with which we have all been equipped, the body. Since I became a Consultant for NYR Organic I have learned that essential oils are not just a pretty smell; they have a powerful effect on our health.

“Essential oils are known to stimulate the immune response and thereby aid the body in fighting off any infection. It has been shown that all essential oils stimulate phagocytosis, or the ability of white blood cells to dispose of invading bacteria.” “Essential oils also have a beneficial effect on our well-being by virtue of their action on the nervous system.”

~Neal’s Yard Remedies Essential Oils by Susan Curtis

sep-2011-essentialoilsbookcoverRead about the power of essential oils in Susan Curtis’ book. She is the Natural Health Director at Neal’s Yard Remedies in the UK and has been a part of the team there for twenty five years.

Experience the power of the oils when you make an appointment for a NYR Organic Beauty Massage. Stimulate your immune response in a pleasurable and relaxing fashion. The high quality essential oils contained in the NYR Organic skin-care line, when applied to the skin, can travel through the body in a matter of minutes. They penetrate cell membranes; the molecules are small enough to pass into the blood stream and the tissues. The session will not only have you swooning in pleasurable scents, relaxing massage and a restorative face treatment, but will help boost your immune system. What could be better than that? The session includes a consultation to help you build a home-care regimen. As a bonus you can apply $15 of one hour $90 session and $30 of two hour $180 session toward NYR Organic product!

“Some say beauty is skin deep, but NYR products go further and calm the nervous system, allowing the body and mind space for healing. Thank you Shelly and thank you NYR for reminding us all of true inner beauty secrets and sensations!!!”
~Eileen Dey, Reiki Master and Owner of the Reiki Training Program

To Healthy Beauty!

Shelly Shelley, LMP
NYR Organic Independent Consultant

About NYR Organic
NYR Organic says “NO
.” NO to GMO ingredients, parabens, nano particles, synthetic fragrance, synthetic color, silicones, phthalates, propylene glycol, carbomers, DEA, EDTA, mineral oils and petroleum products.

NYR Organic says “YES” to wild, organic and natural ingredients with strict standards of certification from the Soil Association in the UK and the USDA here in the states.

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