Immune Support with Essential Oils – September 2011

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By Faie Henneberry, LMP

Protect yourself from cold and flu season and power up your Immune System with Young Living Essential Oils.

A strong and healthy Immune System is vitally important for combating infectious disease and eliminating toxins. The body has an amazing array of systems in place for protecting itself from invaders and staying alive and well yet, if a person is weakened or run-down, these systems may be compromised. In addition, micro-organisms have become very adept at developing a resistance to antibiotics and other measures used to counteract them.

Fortunately, research shows that microbes and pathogens have a very hard time developing resistance to Essential Oils. In fact, no germ or microbe has ever been known to mutate or develop resistance to Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

40 percent of the Immune System is accounted for by the thymus gland, which produces Immune stimulating cells. Another 40 percent of the Immune System is found in the Intestinal tract making it imperative to keep our intestinal tract clear and well-functioning.

Factors that can compromise healthy Immune function are: poor eating habits, digestive problems, fatigue, contaminated water, chemical and toxic overload, stress and parasites.

Regular use of Essential Oils can support the Immune System, aid digestion, relieve stress, help fight infections, and increase the oxygen levels in the brain. When oxygen levels in the brain rise, the pituitary and other endocrine glands can secrete more neural transmitters, endorphins, and antibodies all of which support the endocrine and Immune Systems.

Young Living Dietary Supplements, containing therapeutic-grade essential oils provide nutritional support for healthy Immune System function. The ingredients in these products reinforce the body’s natural defense system.


Young Living Essential Oils for boosting Immunity are:

Thieves Essential Oils is found to have a 99.6 percent kill rate against airborne bacteria.

Thieves Household Cleaner – is packed with powerful germ killing essential oils that help eliminate airborne bacteria. It offers a safe and powerful approach in the battle against germs, bacteria, fungi and viruses.

AlkaLime – safely reduces the acidity of your digestive system. An acidic environment allows yeast and fungus to thrive. Fungi, such as Candida Albicans, can create body-weakening mycotoxins as part of its life process. A balanced pH allows the body to maintain vigor and health.

ImmuPower – is specifically blended for building, strengthening and protecting the body.

Immune Tune – is a Super Antioxidant

JuvaTone – is a powerful herbal complex design to support the liver. An overtaxed liver can negatively affect our energy, digestion and skin.

Mineral Essence – Every process of the body is dependent on minerals.

Super B – A powerful antioxidant blend of B Vitamins, which are crucial for supporting normal immune function, metabolism, energy and overall health.

Super C – Contains 600 percent of the recommended dietary intake of vitamin C, but is also fortified with rutin, bioflavonoids and minerals to balance electrolytes and enhance the effectiveness and absorption of Vitamin C. This supplement is a powerful antioxidant.

Faie Henneberry, LMP