The Tummy Temple Approach to Nutrition

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Registered Dietitian Consultations with the Tummy Temple use a natural & whole systems method towards improving your eating lifestyle as a tool for conditioning your health. This method incorporates both the ‘Abundance’ and ‘Cold Turkey’ approaches to streamline the process of you shifting from your current state of being and behaving to a more balanced and beneficial state. The result is you feel the way you want to feel sooner and have the know-how, habits, and food tolerances to support and improve it long term.

The Abundance approach to nutrition is founded on the belief that you can add missing foods and supplements into your diet that will bring your body into its ideal balance. As a result, aspects on all levels of your eating lifestyle that are not preferable will naturally fade away. The only area of Registered Dietitian Consultations in which this approach is not used is for allergies. For these we use the “Cold Turkey” approach.

The “Cold Turkey” approach to allergies professes that you must remove that which is irritating your system all at once. This is usually a poor choice for creating behavioral changes (e.g. habits) as it usually results in a feeling of “lack” and thus eventually bounces back to haunt people. Yet, this is an excellent approach when dealing with allergies and is often referred to as the “elimination diet”. With allergies you need to remove the irritant (usually a food item) from your system completely for a period of time before slowly reintroducing it to establish tolerance. The long term goal is that by establishing tolerance you can eat what you were previously allergic to without an allergic reaction. This is not a behavioral change, rather a physical shift within your body and thus is considered a long term benefit.

Nutritional support at the Tummy Temple helps you achieve your short and long term health goals with as much ease, speed and enjoyment as possible. We will do this by helping you to identify and orchestrate the smallest number of timely important changes that combine to create significant shifts in your condition, habits, cravings and choices.

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