Mimee B., Care Coordinator


Care Coordinator, Social media
I offer a warm and welcoming energy to new and returning clients alike. I love working with those who are curious about more in-depth explanations of our bodywork services or new clients who share their health journey! I’m passionate about both educating clients and seeing their health progress the longer they come into the clinic!

I balance working as a care coordinator with more behind-the-scenes and social media work and enjoy the opportunity to let my inner-artist be more creative with my clinic contribution.

I had people mention the Temple to me in the past and loved Kristi and Janna’s energy. At the time, I needed a lot of healing across the board. Working at the Tummy Temple has brought me to some incredibly kind and empowering women, and I’m so beyond grateful for the community I have here. The therapies provide so many incredible benefits, and it feels so rewarding seeing the difference it makes to the clients that come to see us.

Other areas of interest and study:
Psychology, Sociology
Spirituality and universal energy
Crystal healing, tarot
Things I love:
Reading books, drawing, going to used book stores, cats, making lists for
anything and everything, taking photos!