Uterine Alignment Used to Improve Fertility

Kristi ZimmerCase Studies, Fertility

Client Details: Female, 28 years old. Seeking enhancement of fertility. Procedure: Abdominal massage to improve alignment of uterus. Discussion: Excellent outcome. The client went into ovulation within 1 week and became pregnant. The client was encouraged to continue on with Massage therapy to support the … Read More

Colonics Relieve case of Loose Bowels, Bloating and Cramps

Tim ZimmerStress

Client Detail and Condition Lydia Alexander is a 47 year old female client suffering from reactive, loose bowels for over 3 years. She was experiencing sensitivities to foods and would often be interrupted during meals by a sudden need to go to the restroom. She … Read More

Colonics Reverse Constipation, Bloating and Fatigue

Tim ZimmerConstipation

Client Details: Female, 36 years old. The client has been suffering from constipation, sometimes severe, for many years. More recently, the constipation has been accompanied by painful bloating. The client has also noticed more frequent occurrences of fatigue and feels that they are related. Seeking … Read More

Colonics in a Case of Severe and Acute Constipation

Tim ZimmerConstipation

CASE STUDY: Woman with severe and acute constipation goes from no bowel movement for almost four weeks to immediate relief with colonics Client Details Female, 52 yrs. Seeking relief from acute, severe constipation. After normal bowel activity of on the average two bowel movements a … Read More