What is Colon Hydrotherapy and Its Procedure?

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  At some point in our lives, we have all experienced some form of bowel discomfort and perhaps needed a laxative or enema to bring about relief. Cleansing the colon with water can be dated back to the ancient Egyptians in writings from the Ebers … Read More

What is IV Vitamin Therapy – A Complete Guide

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vitamin iv therapy

Keeping your body healthy and providing it with all the nutrients it needs to function often feels like an impossible task. Your body needs a healthy mixture of micronutrients, amino acids, vitamins, electrolytes, minerals, and hydration to keep it functioning optimally. Many people attempt to … Read More

How To Strengthen Pelvic Floor

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In humans, the pelvic muscles support essential organs in the lower abdomen, including the bladder, bowel, and uterus. Weak pelvic muscles cause many health problems, including bladder incontinence and painful sex. However, weak pelvic floor muscles can recover through exercise and training. This article will … Read More

Case Study: Successful stress management

Dr. Jamie Doughty, NDCase Studies

After a decade in clinical practice (and mothering a ten year old!) I’ve come to acquire resilience when addressing seasonal holiday stress. I’d rather focus my attention and time on joy, love, gratitude and selfless abundance. This ability arose after diving deep into endocrinology, the study … Read More

Welcome to Tummy Temple!

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 We’re so glad you’ve chosen the Tummy Temple for your health care needs. If this is your first time visiting the Tummy Temple, please take a moment to read the following helpful information.   Next Steps:  Fill out your intake form and set-up your Patient Fusion health records account.   Once … Read More

Case Study: Digestive stress

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The holiday season begins this month and I don’t know about you but I appreciate having resilience in my body, strong digestive fire and a balanced nervous system to weather the occasional stress from travel and endless parties and gatherings. Case: Last months’ 65 year … Read More