We did it again!

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Thanks to the awesome outreach by our client community we have achieved the support of 2 legislative offices at our Sept. 17th meeting with the DOH, both the chair and vice chair of the Health and Wellness Committee! For information on what this about please … Read More

Save Tummy Temple Therapies – Act Now.

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It’s been 10 years since I’ve had to write a newsletter like this. Tummy Temple prides itself in being a sanctuary; a place where you can forget about the world for an hour or two and focus on restoration. However, sometimes outside realities threaten our … Read More

Solutions for Blissful Summer Bodies

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Pain and inflammation can put a dent in your summertime plans. But there are many ways to quell the heat of inflammation and increase your options for movement. Read on in the case study below for effective doctor’s recommendations for keeping you moving with ease. … Read More

Case Study: Fast Healing for Injuries

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Revive Cleansing Program Tummy Temple

Ruth, a 24 year old woman, presented with pain in her right shoulder after a fall off her horse 2 weeks ago. She experienced 4/10 sharp pain with specific gestures, decreased range of motion and stiffness in her joint. Imaging revealed no broken bones but … Read More

Case Study: Beating Travel Bugs

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Katie, a 37 year old female, presented to clinic for a pre-travel naturopathic consultation. She was taking her family to Mexico for a week in June and wanted to support her immune system and gut barrier to promote resilience and avoid acquiring diarrhea. Traveler’s diarrhea … Read More

How to Give Yourself an Enema

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HOW TO GIVE YOURSELF AN ENEMA An enema is a great way to stimulate a bowel movement.  It will not cleanse the entire intestine nor will it condition the muscle.  However, it can bring instant relief when you are “in a bind”. EQUIPMENT NEEDED TO … Read More

Case Study: The Aftermath of Antibiotics

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Julie, a 12-year-old girl, was brought to me by her mother with concerns regarding dark circles under her eyes, belly aches and constipation. Julie’s abdomen would hurt after dinner most nights. The family’s diet consisted of whole organic foods with occasional treats. Her bowel movements … Read More

Case Study: The healing power of cleansing

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Spring has arrived and I know my system is craving movement, stimulation, sweating and clean eating, all key components that support cleansing! Cleansing provides us the opportunity for correcting imbalances in order to alleviate any ailment or suffering by transforming our physiology. The Tummy Temple’s … Read More

Case study: Fighting Shingles with Homeopathy

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Naturopathic Medicine Olympia Lacey Shingles

Case: Katy was a 29-year-old active cyclist who was bouncing from one cycling event to the next. It was December and she was about to leave on vacation with her boyfriend for Vancouver Canada in order to participate in a cyclocross race. She had recently … Read More

Case Study: Detox to Address Weight Loss

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weight loss detox

  Weight loss inherently involves detoxification as many toxins are stored in the liver, our body’s main organ for detoxification functions.  Other notable detox organs include the gall bladder, colon and kidneys. Nutrients to assist in phase 1 and 2 of bio-transformation of toxins in … Read More